On Apr 20 2023 / by Chantel Anderson

NOVA Entertainment partners with Parkable in an exciting move

Australia’s leading independent audio entertainment business, NOVA Entertainment, has teamed up with Parkable to oversee the parking system at their new location.

After two decades in their previous location, NOVA recently moved into an exciting new renovated office and studio space in South Melbourne. At this new location, NOVA was able to easily cater to employee, announcer and podcasting host’s needs. Amenities were a major priority in the move, especially when it came to flexible parking options for radio and podcasting hosts and guests who only need to park for a limited number of hours. The partnership with Parkable allowed the business to keep the parking situation at their new premise hassle-free.

NOVA wanted to make sure that everyone could easily access parking at the new premises so opted for an automated system that distributes parking fairly. They were able to time this switch over to Parkable’s technology with the return of staff to the new office in January.

The changeover went off seamlessly!

Parkable’s system at the new premise allows NOVA employees to bay share. As the new location has limited spots, it was important that the available parking was distributed fairly among staff, making it easy for everyone to find suitable parking. This fair booking system reduces administration headaches and helped everyone on the team start and end their day with ease.

This flexible approach to parking – including bay sharing and future booking – means that staff can negotiate a wide variety of parking options, ranging from tandem parks to casual parks. There are assigned bays for company promotional vehicles alongside the shared announcer parking bays, and Parkable also debuted a unique solution for NOVA to cater to staff parking needs for their breakfast shows.

“Parkable allowed flexibility and accessibility for staff parking at our new premises,” says John McCool, NOVA Entertainment’s Commercial Manager/Melbourne Market Lead and the project lead for the Parkable partnership.

“After spending two decades in our previous premise, we wanted to ensure the move was as seamless as possible for our employees and the business. We spent an extensive amount of time on logistical planning to relocate an audio business of this size and Parkable’s automation technology, provided an easy solution for the parking element of the move. The switch-over has gone smoothly and staff have adapted well to the flexible parking options, including bay sharing, which has been a great outcome.”

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