On Feb 27 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Go live: Obex launches Parkable to make their office move seamless

Going from 60 staff parking spots to only 25 was a source of stress for the team - before Parkable

Medical technology company Obex has launched Parkable’s staff parking management software this month to ensure a smooth office move. Since the first lockdown in 2020, Obex’s team have been working from home three days a week, which allowed the company to downsize their premises. The only problem? Staff parking.

At their previous office in Epsom, Obex had enough staff car parks to cater for every employee, so car park management was never a concern. However in their new office in Newmarket, there are only 25 parks for around 60 staff members, which was a key change management concern for the business.

“Going from 60 car parks to 25 was a huge concern for our team. [Staff] were worried about whether there would be a car park for them at the new offices on the days they drove in. It was causing a huge amount of stress.”
- Robyn Hulse, Business Support Manager

To create a seamless transition and alleviate the team’s concerns, Obex decided to implement Parkable’s parking management system at their new office. With the Parkable app, Obex staff can reserve a car park in advance and view car park availability in real-time.

This ensures that employees have a stress-free commute, can drive into work knowing there’s a spot waiting for them, or can plan alternative transport if all of the parks are booked.

“We were recommended Parkable as a solution and after reviewing it and meeting the team we are pleased to have partnered with Parkable and see it as a great fit for our business.”
- Robyn Hulse

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