On Jun 02 2022 / by Cassie Daley

Orangetheory Fitness launches Parkable in Canada

Orangetheory Fitness Canada has launched Parkable in the aim to streamline their parking management system.

Prior to Parkable, employees would drive into the office not knowing whether a stall would be available for them. Orangetheory wanted a new system where parking was fairly allocated and employees would know in advance if they have a parking spot secured. Additionally, hoping that the new system would minimise those annoying parking admin tasks.

Since implementing Parkable’s software, employees can book parking in advance and view the parking lot availability in real-time. They can now better plan their week ahead and commute to work without the stress of searching for a spot. Plus, with our new tandem parking feature their employees can easily chat via our app to coordinate leaving times.

The automatic problem resolution, occupancy tracking and real-time reporting via our admin panel has also streamlined the process for Orangetheory’s administrative staff and made their parking much easier to manage.

“We are super happy with our transition over to Parkable. The team is amazing and the app is so user friendly! We would definitely recommend this to any organization looking for streamlined office parking management.”

Parkable has provided excellent communication, customer service and on-boarding support that made the implementation of Parkable’s platform as simple as possible.

“A big reason we chose Parkable was due to the high level of communication and support from the Parkable team. The whole team is amazing!”

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