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Parkable is going to CREtech New York 2022

What is CREtech, again?

CREtech is an in-person event that brings together people and organizations from every corner of the real estate sphere. Now, as a multi-faceted experience, CREtech is a trade show, a networking platform, and a space for content demonstrations all related to global real estate. It brings together an entire international community to generate ideas and share innovative thinking in this dynamic and ever-evolving field.

There, you can expect to see landlords, asset managers, brokerages, construction companies, tech startups, venture capitalists, thought leaders, and other industry forerunners all gathered together. Plus, CREtech is held in New York City, which goes without saying, is one of the most dynamic cities.

Previously Parkable attended CREtech, and it was an awesome opportunity for our team to meet other professionals within the commercial property industry.

And this year, we’re excited to reconnect!

When is CREtech this year?

This year, CREtech is from October 12 and 13, which falls on Wednesday and Thursday (US time).

And, where is CREtech?

CREtech New York is being held in Manhattan, New York City, at Pier 36. Pier 36 is an event space on the Lower East Side. This is a trendy area with artsy cafes, quirky coffee shops, quaint bookstores, offbeat vintage shops and vibrant nightlife.

What to expect from CREtech New York 2022?

CREtech New York 2022 is going to be such an enormous learning opportunity! We expect to meet so many like-minded people and sit in on some interesting talks.

On the first day, the keynote speaker is Laura Hines-Pierce, who’s the co-CEO of Hines, a major real estate investment and management company. The next day, the keynote speaker is Bjarke Ingels, the founder of Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG). BIG is based in Copenhagen and New York and consists of architects, designers, and builders who work in architecture, urbanism, research and development. The other two keynote addresses will be delivered by CBRE's chief digital and technology officer, Sandeep Davé, and executives of Oxford Properties and M7 Real Estate will deliver the other two keynote addresses.

We’ll also get to hear from experts on subjects like

  • How real estate companies are embracing innovation
  • The intersection of real estate and sustainability
  • How corporations use technology to innovate future workplaces
  • The metaverse
  • The development of family tech
  • Technology and the real estate enterprise
  • Perspectives on global venture investment

These are just some of the topics that we’re going to be able to learn about during this two-day event. During lunch and breaks between speakers, we’re looking forward to mingling with you – whether you’re in the real estate business, whether you’re just popping in to say hi, or whether you’re looking for a way to really up your parking solutions at your building or for your company!

Why is Parkable heading to CREtech this year?

We at Parkable are psyched to be going to CREtech this year. We’re prepared to discover more about the USA commercial real estate sector and where we fit into the industry. As a New Zealand-born startup, we’re coming to CREtech with an innovative parking solution. We know that with commercial real estate and development, there always comes the need for transportation innovation. And that, our fellow readers, is where we come in.

CREtech is geared toward property owners, developers, and others working to keep real estate up-to-date and adapt this industry to contemporary needs and ideals. The truth is that contemporary real estate is all about developing modern spaces for the needs of people. And where there are people occupying spaces, there are cars that get them there.

With more businesses moving to hybrid working, there is high underutilisation of available parking. Parking garage occupancies have plummeted, with the majority of tenants and employees sometimes or always working from home. This has resulted in lost lease costs and tenant churn.

Parkable is the easiest way to manage staff and tenant parking. Our flexible, intuitive platform and app enable property owners and tenants to easily share parking spots between those driving into the office.

“We’re excited to have a presence at CRETech New York this year,” says Brody Nelson, the chief technology officer of Parkable, “Our team at booth 146 is ready to share ideas about how Parkable can deliver greater Yield, WALE and improve tenant experiences. I’m personally keen to meet fellow industry heavy-hitters and learn how leading real estate companies are embracing innovation.”

Why should property managers and landlords care?

What’s in it for property managers?

Improved tenant experience and WALE

Parkable is a total no-brainer. It improves the tenant experience by providing them with bookable parking, seamless access, cashless payment and automated resolution. On top of all this, it’s super easy and intuitive for tenants and property managers to learn how to use the platform.

This sort of improved tenant experience and, therefore, tenant stickiness increases the chances of bettering your weighted average lease expiry, or WALE. And, we’re certain you know, this is a figure vital to your overall property asset value.

If that’s not motivating enough, according to Global Tenant Report, which spoke to over 2,000 office workers worldwide, 91% of clients want better onsite amenities from their landlords. “For many workers, time is the most precious commodity during their working day,” wrote the study. “People want their workplace experience made as frictionless as possible in order to save time that otherwise might be lost running mundane life errands, going out to buy lunch, or as a result of inefficiencies within the building itself.”

Increased car park yield

Through the software, people in the area, whether other commercial occupiers or employees, can book unutilised spots and increase usage and revenue for tenants. Of course, with all of this comes revenue increases by increased yield.

By sharing unleashed spots for a set rate and not having to worry about the logistics and admin headaches of payment (because our platform does it all for you), you can make sure that these car spots aren’t sitting empty!

Aside from a user-friendly billing system, pre-booking, and spot-sharing, we can even help with hardware installation. Think gate access, automated plate recognition, EV charging management and more.

Automate admin and reporting

The Parkable platform also streamlines administration with automated problem resolution, adaptable to any parking setup. It reduces time spent on parking admin by up to 90% through automated problem resolution and monitoring.

Aside from automating admin and reporting, you can view occupancy in real-time and download reports!

What’s in it for commercial occupiers and tenants?

Improved employee experiences

Parkable creates a flexible workplace that becomes easily achievable. Employees have begun to shy away from typical 9-to-5 work in favour of a more adaptable schedule. By using Parkable, managing car spots as employees come and go according to less rigid time structures is a walk in the (car)park.

Ultimately, it’s less stressful to come into the office because employees can reserve their spots no matter when they work. Plus, Parkable provides for better employee experiences by easing the stress of the commute ahead of time.

“Our people are loving the app and opportunity to know they have a car park booked and available on their arrival to work,” said Amanda Collinson, property and facilities manager at TAB.

Optimised car park space

Companies can also better see how their employees utilise parking to get a better feel for parking efficiency, using extra space that employees don’t need. Unused car spaces can be listed for others to use, including members of the public. The administrative load becomes way more digestible, too.

Most of the parking management suddenly becomes automated based on the pre-set organisation. The increased availability from Parkable’s sharing and booking features increases parking availability by 25% on average, allowing more staff and building tenants to park on-site.

Streamlined admin and reporting

And, of course, we help with the admin. More specifically, tenants that use Parkable reduce time spent on parking admin by up to 90% through automated problem resolution and monitoring.

“We had a really manual system for managing the parking and tracking the vehicles, which was a waste of time and resources. To be honest, it was a mess. I wanted a system to automate that administrative work, which I’ve found with Parkable,” said White City Place Engineering Manager Timothy Scanlon.

Find us at CREtech and talk to us about your parking woes, our solutions, or the services we provide! Parkable is an international company, and we want to implement our service in ways that simplify everyone’s life just a little bit more. Catch us in the Big Apple this fall!

Where can you find us at CREtech?

At CREtech New York this year, you can find the Parkable team at booth 146. And, for the visual information consumers out there, here’s a handy map for you.

In the interim, however, if you want to say hi – don’t be shy! You can reach out to the general team on our contact page here. And, if you want to virtually meet and connect with the Parkable members heading to the event individually, here they are!

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