On Mar 30 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Priority One trials Parkable parking management system to combat parking shortfall in Tauranga

Tauranga is undergoing significant expansion, which puts pressure on the city’s parking space.

Priority One, Tauranga’s economic development agency, is trialing Parkable for Business as a solution for the city’s car park shortfall. According to Mark Irving, Project Lead of the Parkable trial, Tauranga is currently undergoing a significant transformation and expansion, which has put more pressure on the city’s parking space.

Parkable for Business provides a solution by enabling businesses and organisations to fully utilise their car parks via bay sharing. Priority One is sharing its parking bays with individuals from other organisations whenever the space isn’t required by their own staff.The three other businesses trialing Parkable in Tauranga - Jigsaw Architects, Findex and Property Managers Group - are also implementing bay sharing between their staff and with selected individuals from other organisations.

“The Parkable technology has enabled multiple people to share existing leased bays. Most leased bays are not 100% occupied by the tenant and therefore the opportunity exists to allow the general public to use these bays when unused by the original tenant. Parkable has an awesome product, Parkable for Business, that allows this to occur.”
- Mark Irving, Project Lead

Using Parkable, Priority One hopes to make better use of the city’s parking space and attract more people to Tauranga. Their belief is that the trial is a great demonstration of what the entire city can do to better utilise resources.

“The sooner everyone adopts the Parkable app, the more efficient parking will be in Tauranga. It’s straight forward, progressive, user-friendly and above all, it works."
- Mark Irving, Project Lead

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