On Feb 25 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Product release: Seamless visitor parking has launched

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Over the past six months, our dev team has been hard at work creating an awesome new feature on Parkable. By talking to our clients, we realised that visitor parking is often, well, a bit of a mess - visitors aren’t sure where to go, staff members park in visitor spots, and out-dated booking systems are a huge headache for administrators.

That’s why we developed a visitor parking solution - to make visitor parking simple and transparent for both guests and admin.

What’s wrong with traditional visitor parking?

Visitors to businesses and organisations often have poor parking experiences. It’s unclear where to go, and uncertain whether a parking spot will be available. That leads to confusion and frustration before visitors have even entered the main building, as well as late starts to meetings. Long-term, these accumulated bad experiences can create a poor perception of your brand and culture.

For businesses and staff, traditional visitor parking is also difficult to organise and manage. It’s hard to keep track of who’s parking and for how long, and out-dated booking systems waste time. Because it’s hard (perhaps even impossible) to keep track of who’s parking where, staff are free to abuse the visitor parking spaces, leaving nowhere for your guests to park. All too often, these difficulties also lead to inefficient use of valuable space.

Luckily, Parkable’s visitor parking is simple and transparent for both staff and visitors.

What does great visitor parking look like?

Parkable’s in-bay sensors and IoT technology make it easy for organisations to monitor and manage visitor parking.

  • Transparent occupancy: The dashboard shows you car park occupancy, future bookings, and who’s parking where in real time. If someone is parked in your visitor spots who shouldn’t be there, you’ll know about it.
  • Easy booking: Administrators can book a parking spot for visitors before they arrive, ensuring that visitors aren’t circling with nowhere to park.
  • Great visitor experience: Once bookings are made, visitors are emailed a mobile-friendly invitation with their parking details and instructions. When visitors arrive, they use their invite to access your car park and find their parking spot.
  • Automatic monitoring: If someone overstays the time limit in a visitor parking spot, the system notifies admin so they can take action.

Interested in improving your visitor parking experience? Learn more here, or schedule a quick chat with someone from our team!

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