On Mar 09 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

RGF Staffing launches Parkable to save costs while providing better staff parking experiences

RGF Staffing has launched Parkable’s parking management software to create better experiences for their flexible-working team, and optimise their car parks.

RGF Staffing has 19 staff parking spots in the Auckland CBD, most of which are allocated to specific members of their team. Recently, they noticed that on some days many of these parks were sitting empty.

The company always had flexible working in place, but as they continued to grow they noticed that their car parks would fluctuate between being completely full or completely underutilised on any given day, depending on which staff members were coming into the office.

They were looking for a simple solution that allowed people to continue to park easily when they drove into the office, while giving them the option to share their allocated park with colleagues when they were working from home.

General Manager Oscar Dunn explained that RGF Staffing also “have a commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and reducing unnecessary costs in the business, so leasing additional car parks wasn’t a solution we wanted to consider.”

That made a software solution the right answer for Oscar and the team. Parkable’s parking management software allows RGF Staffing employees with an allocated park to share their spot whenever they’re away from the office. This ensures that their parks don’t sit empty, and gives parking access to more members of their team.

“Parkable was the perfect solution. The technology is super simple to use and effective for managing our car parking needs.
“If you’re looking for a way to reduce your fixed costs as well as your carbon footprint, while providing a better car parking experience for your people, you can’t look past Parkable.
“Their simple tech platform has allowed us to better manage our car park requirements and share our resources across the business more effectively.”
- General Manager Oscar Dunn