On May 26 2023 / by Sammie Belle Perrie

Schneider transforms their employee parking with technology-based solution, Parkable

Schneider, world-renowned in the energy industry, has recently paired up with Parkable for a new parking solution at their Australian office. Known around the world as a digital automation and energy management leader, the French multinational were looking for a fresh take on classic parking troubles.

What prompted their parking upgrade?

An exciting new move for their Australia office. With the new move comes a great new space, yet a reduction in available parking. With this in mind, they wanted to find a way to optimise these spaces, creating a more equitable parking system.

Schneider was particularly drawn to partnering with Parkable due to our “booking in advance/fair sharing” feature for parking bays. Their other goal was to reduce admin time by streamlining the clunky, traditional parking processes. To help Schneider achieve this, we introduced a smarter parking management system.

The main feature of this new system is seamless and automated gate access control, ultimately allowing staff to access their bays without hassle. Parking is no longer a pain due to gate access being installed at both sites; that means smarter access control and staff’s ability to use an app to enter the car park. Gone are the days of annoying key swipes and administrative hassle!

Streamlining the gate access control at the car parks with Parkable’s system made for more efficient parking allocation. We’ve optimised the situation with our limited car spots thanks to the booking system,” says National Facilities Manager at Schneider, Bradwyn Van Der Vyver.

“We’re committed to hassle-free parking for our employees,” added Bradwyn. We’re confident that Schneider will be happy with their new and improved parking solution.

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