On Mar 03 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

SecureCom has launched Parkable to share allocated parks between staff

Fairly distributing 26 parking spots between 70 employees

New Zealand IT company SecureCom has its head office in Ellerslie, where they have 70 staff members and 26 parking spots. Since most of their parks are allocated to specific employees, many in the SecureCom team were missing out.

SecureCom wanted to use their parking space more efficiently, by allowing staff with an allocated park to share it with their colleagues when they’re out of the office.

With the Parkable app, parks are easily shared by SecureCom employees, and the rest of the team can check parking availability and reserve a park for the next day. Parks can be used efficiently, and shared fairly among staff.

Tracey Goldstine, Head of Office & Culture and the project lead for implementing Parkable, said: “Car parking is often an emotive subject, so anything that we can do to make our car parks more accessible to our team is going to be a positive.”

“The onboarding of Parkable to the SecureCom team has been super streamlined. The Parkable crew have been incredible, answering any of my questions so quickly and providing comms to be sent out, has made the transition to this car park management system so easy.”

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