On Feb 24 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Spark launches Parkable to solve staff parking problems

In late March, Spark went live with Parkable for Business, a move which Tony Agar, Head of Sales IoT for Auckland, said has “benefited Spark tremendously.”

The problem facing Spark was that they didn’t have enough parking bays for all of their staff members. They wanted to do as much as they could to utilise the space they have, and also make sure that staff members without assigned bays could easily access available bays when someone was away from the office.

While Spark’s staff were already organising bay sharing between themselves, the Parkable app has made this process easy and seamless. In the seven weeks since Spark began using Parkable, assigned bays have been shared with other staff members almost every workday - meaning better use of Spark’s resources, and more people who can park at the office each week.

Tony Agar, who also helped facilitate the implementation of Parkable at Spark, said “When people have a car park and are away, Parkable gives us the ability to open their park to the rest of our staff members. It also gives a better experience to those people sharing their car park.”

The ease of using Parkable has also impressed Spark. Matt McLay, the Business Development Manager IoT for Auckland, said "I didn't even have to go to the tutorial meeting. I just downloaded and used it, it's so intuitive.

To learn more about how Parkable for Business can help you maximise your organisation’s parking assets, enhance work culture, achieve sustainability goals, and create an additional revenue stream you can check out more information here, or get in touch!

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