On Feb 24 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Spontaneity is the key to efficiency

Kimberly believes spontaneity is the key to efficiency.

Not in all aspects of her busy life, but when it comes to parking, the ‘planned last minute’ approach works best.

“I don’t like to plan my parking ahead of time. I will set out and then when I get near my destination I will turn to my apps.”

“I love my apps. They make my life very much easier”.

“Usually, I will arrive near to where I want to be, pull over, and then get on Parkable, as that is my favourite, and see what is available.”

“I noticed the signage some time ago. There are more and more Parkable bays in Takapuna, which is great because whilst parking here is cheap, it is not very plentiful and at busy places and at busy times that can make things tricky.

“Especially if you are very last minute, but hate getting parking tickets like me.”

“I use it when I am going to appointments and at night for restaurant visits. If I can’t get a place with Parkable, I will go to the Auckland Transport App.”

“Both display what spots are available, though Parkable comes with handy photos and a description of how to find the bay and of course, with Parkable, you can reserve the spot.”

“Between the two apps, I tend to get sorted fast which helps when you are running your business and the family.”

“Like a lot of people I am incredibly busy and this ‘planned last minute’ approach and these wonderful technologies save me heaps of time in a day. Over a week that really adds up.

Kimberly Sumner is Founder of She Prosperity, a consultancy that helps bridge the male/female communication divide in businesses.

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