On Mar 03 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Stewart Group is using Parkable to manage their workplace EV chargers

The financial advice company is the first EV charger provider in Hastings

Nick Stewart charging the company's fleet EV with a new electric vehicle charger

Financial advice company Stewart Group installed four electric vehicle chargers in their staff car park and has implemented Parkable’s EV charger software to manage them. Through Parkable, Stewart Group staff can check the availability of the EV chargers, making it easier for them to plan their commutes and vehicle charging.

The EV chargers are linked to solar panels on the roof at Stewart Group, so they’re fully powered by green electricity. Chargers are used by their company’s electric fleet vehicle and are also free for the use of their staff.

CEO Nick Stewart says...

“Stewart Group is the first EV charge provider in Hastings, and using solar power makes us one of the few workplaces in New Zealand with truly sustainable charging for our fleet and staff vehicles.

“We understand that in today's market, our clients, employees, and investors are becoming more and more interested in sustainability and how businesses impact society and the environment.

“Fossil-fuelled transport has a big climate impact. The move to EVs is now inevitable; and businesses can reap significant environmental, financial, reputational and operational benefits from embracing this technology sooner rather than later. By integrating our EV fleet with renewable on-site charging stations we aim to simplify the transition to EVs and achieve an integrated system.

“Parkable enables us to have complete control over our EV charging stations and provides the technical infrastructure and support we need to make sustainable transport a reality for Stewart Group.”

Soon, Stewart Group plans to make their EV chargers available to members of the public.

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