On Jun 30 2023 / by Krystal Lai

Transforming parking with Flo & Frankie

Parkable is thrilled to announce our partnership with Flo & Frankie, the New Zealand-based fashion and lifestyle brand, to reshape the parking landscape and bring more fairness, visibility, and convenience to their team.

Prior to partnering up with Parkable, Flo & Frankie faced challenges related to their parking arrangements. With separate car park locations, staff had limited visibility into available parking spaces, often resorting to driving around blindly or paying for expensive public parking when the lots were full.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive parking solution, Flo & Frankie turned to Parkable. Working alongside their team, we used our innovative platform to address their pain points, offering enhanced features and benefits.

Now Flo & Frankie staff have the ability to access real-time visibility of parking availability and reserve their spots in advance. No more uncertainty or wasted time driving around aimlessly. They can arrive at work with confidence, knowing that a designated parking space will be waiting for them. Our future booking tool ensures fairness by evenly distributing parking requests on a weekly basis, making it easier for everyone.

Because our platform empowers staff to plan their commute ahead of time, now the team can also make informed decisions about their mode of transportation, taking alternative modes or carpooling when the car park is full.

Lynne Aim, Operations Manager at Flo & Frankie, shared her excitement about the partnership, saying, "We are thrilled to join forces with Parkable to transform our parking experience. The Parkable platform provides us with the tools to address our parking challenges and provide a fair and seamless solution for our staff. The increased visibility and convenience will greatly enhance our daily operations."

Lynne also emphasized the impact on staff well-being.

"With Parkable, our team can now start their day stress-free, knowing that they have a guaranteed parking spot waiting for them. This not only boosts productivity but also improves work-life balance by eliminating the need to arrive excessively early to secure a spot.

The flexibility and convenience offered by Parkable allow our staff to plan their commutes effectively, exploring alternative modes of transportation when parking spaces are limited. This aligns perfectly with our commitment to sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint."

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