On Feb 25 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

What is car park management software anyway?

A quick explainer: What it means to manage a car park with smart tech

Have you ever heard someone mention car park management software and just nodded along? Well, here are the basics.

In short…

Car park management software is technology that makes it easy to administer and optimise staff, tenant, and visitor car parks.

Why would you want to use a car park management tool?

For organisations with private car parks, there are a few common parking problems that software can solve. Here are a few examples:

  • People complain about the parking. That could look like: staff turning up to work two hours early just to get a park; working parents never able to park onsite and arriving late; people parking at expensive, far away car parks - only to see empty parks at work.
  • Your car park is underused, meaning that expensive real estate is going to waste. This could be because: your parks are allocated to execs or certain staff members who aren’t always in the office, and no one else can park there.
  • Your admin team spends a lot of time monitoring the car park. This could include: checking if only registered cars are parked, using spreadsheets to keep track of parking, or reconciling parking payments every month.

What does the software look like?

Parkable’s car park management software includes an admin dashboard and an app for parkers, plus integrations to hardware like EV chargers, access barriers and gates.

Your admin team uses the Parkable dashboard to manage the car park. Through the dashboard, administrators can:

  • Invite staff or tenants to the car park
  • Assign parking privileges to individuals or groups
  • Track real-time car park occupancy
  • Manage car parks at multiple locations
  • View reported issues

Your staff or tenants use the Parkable app to park. With the app, staff can…

  • Reserve a park in advance
  • Check real-time availability of the car park
  • Share their allocated park with colleagues
  • Seamlessly pay for parking


What are the benefits of using car park management software?

Better parking experiences

  • By reserving a park in advance, people can plan their commute knowing they have a spot.
  • Promote equity and fairness in the workplace by allowing more people to park onsite.
  • Easy booking, payment, and sharing through an award-winning app.
  • People can share their allocated park with others when they don’t need it, so more people can park onsite.
  • Visitors get a great first impression just by parking.

Optimise the use of your space

  • The average commercial car park is 20-35% empty at any given time. Often, this is because parks are allocated to people who are on leave or working remotely.
  • Car park management software lets you see park occupancy and facilitates park sharing to give more people access to the car park.
  • For organisations that charge for parking, fully utilising your car park means increased parking revenue.

Automate administration

  • Save valuable admin time by automating problem resolution, infringement, and occupancy tracking.
  • Make informed decisions with comprehensive usage reports.
  • Manage multiple car parks and user groups from one dashboard.
  • In Australia, track occupancy to reduce Fringe Benefits Tax liability.

What kinds of organisations benefit from a car park management tool?

Organisations from a variety of industries can benefit. They tend to have a few of these things in common…

  • More staff, visitors, or tenants than parking spots
  • A time-consuming car park administration process
  • Car parks that are allocated to specific members of staff
  • Car parks that cater to a variety of user types, like fleet vehicles, visitors, EV, and carpooling
  • High car park lease costs

Solve your parking problems

If you have workplace parking spots and want to...

  • Improve employee parking experiences
  • Reduce car park admin
  • Make better use of your space
  • Align your parking with a flexible working culture
  • Implement hardware solutions

...feel free to get in touch!