On May 26 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Xero UK launches Parkable at their new Milton Keynes office

Xero UK has recently moved to a purpose-built office in Milton Keynes, and adopted a hybrid way of working. To make the most of their new office car park and flexible working, Xero implemented Parkable.

In Xero’s previous office, there were a limited number of parking spots which were manually managed: the business had a dozen swipe cards for accessing the car park, with each department given one swipe to use as they pleased. While this system was simple, it meant that access to parking wasn’t evenly distributed amongst employees; Xero had no way to track who was using the car park or when; and it relied on swipe cards which could be lost or misplaced.

One of the values at the heart of Xero is their #human. This is why Xero made the decision to upgrade their system with Parkable to make parking easy, fair, and accessible in their new workplace.

A new office with better staff parking

The new Milton Keynes office has 75 employee car parks, which are available for all staff members to use, as well as a handful of spaces reserved for visitors and new starters. Xero wanted to share these parking spots more fairly amongst their team, demonstrate the #human value to their employees, and ensure that everyone driving into the office has an opportunity to park onsite.

With the Parkable app, Xero employees can request a parking spot on days that they are driving into the office. Parkable’s allocation algorithm then fairly distributes the parks between those who have submitted requests, giving everyone an equal chance of securing a park each day.

“At Xero, we’re really passionate about providing our employees with user-friendly facilities. We see technology like Parkable as playing a big role - and I love the way that Parkable’s features help us demonstrate our #human value by providing fair and available parking for our employees.
“I’ve also loved working with the team at Parkable. They’ve provided an excellent onboarding experience, and made change management really easy for us to ensure this is a success.”
- Ricky Martin, Workplace Experience Manager (UK & EMEA)

Improved car park management and access solutions

For the administrative team, the Parkable admin panel provides real-time car park occupancy, automates problem resolution, and makes it easy to manage member access, book parking spots, and send invitations to visitors.

Plus, integration with IoT cameras is also on the horizon, which will provide seamless access for all Xero members through Automatic Licence Plate Recognition.

“As well as creating a great experience for our employees, Parkable has given me visibility of how our parking facilities are being used for the first time. I’m looking forward to exploring their ANPR solution for even more insight - and seamless access experience.”
- Ricky Martin

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