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Set the availability of a park

You're in control - so you arrange the times and days that suit you best!


Step one
Select ‘Operating hours’, choose whether your park will be operating 24/7 by pressing the ‘yes’ or ‘no’ button. Your chosen answer will appear green.


Step two
If your park is operating on specific days and times, the app will prompt you to refine operating hours for each day of the week.


Step three
Click on a day of the week you would like to customise, determine whether the park will be open and if it will be available all day by pressing the ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ button (Chosen answer appears green)


Step four
You can customise the times of your parks by selecting the opening and/or closing times then choosing a desired time.


Step five
You have the option to add additional opening hours by hitting ‘Add additional operating hours’ and selecting the opening and closing times. This is beneficial if your park is needed at a specific time but you would like to make it available before and after that time slot.


Step six
Complete the same process for all other days of the week, click ‘Next’ to confirm your set times.