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AACN: Fairer staff parking in Washington DC

At a glance

Pay-as-you-park flexibility:

Employees are no longer tied to a monthly parking fee, instead they pay per day. Staff only pay for what they use and AACN still get to recover their car park lease costs.

Fairer car park access:

Parking is no longer solely reserved for senior team members. Through the Parkable app, all staff can book available parking spots each day.

Happier commutes:

AACN staff can easily check to see whether a park is available, book it in advance, and commute to work with the confidence that there will be a spot waiting for them.

About AACN

Business overview

The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) is the national voice for academic nursing in the United States of America. Their work is no small task. They’re responsible for working to establish quality standards for nursing education, assist schools in implementing those standards, influence the nursing profession to improve health care, and promote public support for professional nursing education, research, and practice. Established in the 1960’s, AACN now represents more than 850 member schools of nursing at public and private universities nationwide, with Washington DC being home to their HQ.

The motivation

Flexible working calls for flexible parking

Prior to Covid, AACN offered monthly parking to a small number of senior employees. However, like many workplaces over the last two years, parking requirements have changed. Not all staff members are in the office every day, and therefore monthly car park leases are no longer cost effective for staff or an efficient use of space.

To adapt, AACN decided to open the parking spots to all staff members so that whoever was coming to the office could park easily onsite. However, to scrap the traditional monthly parking leases, AACN needed a solution that would allow for easy booking, car park sharing, and a flexible payment system to recoup lease costs.

The Solution

Seamless parking and payments

While AACN were adamant they wanted to offer flexible parking to all members of their team, they weren’t so sure how they were going to do it without spending more time managing the car park.

With Parkable, AACN can load parking spots on the app and set and forget their availability and price (OR change it as much as they like). When a staff member needs a park, they simply check the app and either book a spot or request one in advance. When they’re finished parking, they’re automatically charged for the time they parked.

By implementing Parkable, parking spots can be booked, paid for, and re-shared among team members, all without the AACN management team having to lift a finger.

“We have already had positive feedback from employees on how easy it is to use Parkable. Staff are happy that they can pay for individual days rather than an entire month. This allows us to offer parking to more individuals.”

Heather Shelford, Director of Finance & Administration

The result

Fair and flexible parking for all

Now all AACN employees have fair and easy access to the onsite parking. With both the ability to check whether the car park is full and book in advance, employees now have certainty over whether they have a spot for the day. This means they can commute to work with the confidence knowing they have a park waiting for them.

Plus, the Parkable app makes it easy for AACN employees to pay-as-they-park, meaning the company can recover their lease costs and staff are no longer tied to a monthly parking fee.

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