Making the best use of allocated parking resources

At a glance

Staff experience

Aurecon employees say Parkable led to easier morning commutes

Visitor parking

Instead of struggling to find street parking, Aurecon visitors park directly onsite, creating a better client experience

Optimised space

Instead of only a single person using each allocated parking spot, Aurecon has seen those allocated parks being used by 4 different staff members each month

About Aurecon

Business overview

Aurecon is an engineering, design, and advisory company, but not as you know it. In 2020, the Australian Financial Review named Aurecon Australasia’s most innovative company and most innovative professional services company. Their clients’ ideas and aspirations drive all that they do and they work alongside them like no other firm to co-create clever, innovative solutions to some of the world’s most complex challenges, adding value across the project lifecycle through deep technical and advisory expertise.

"It's important for us to create a great visitor and staff experience getting to the office. Because our work schedule is flexible, sharing assets when they’re not being used creates a better experience for staff parking on-site."

Aurecon Lead Client Experience Ambassador

The motivation

Allocated car spaces were sitting empty with employees off working on site or at home

Aurecon’s Newmarket office in Auckland houses 250 staff and welcomes dozens of clients and visitors every day. With flexible working arrangements and the need to be on project sites all day, allocated car spaces were being left unused while other employees and visitors struggled to find on street parking.

With 58 onsite parking spaces, Aurecon wanted to make use of the car spaces that were sitting empty during the day and provide a better commute to their Newmarket office for their employees and visitors.

The solution

Better experiences through sharing and real-time visibility

Aurecon uses Parkable to improve the parking experience for both staff and visitors. With complete visibility over car park availability, employees can simply check the Parkable app to see if the car park is full. Plus, they can book a spot the day before for a stress-free commute.

Parkable also enables staff with allocated parking spots to easily share their park with colleagues when they’re out of the office. Through sharing, Aurecon improves the use of their allocated parking spaces and creates a more enjoyable commute to the office for staff.

"We always see the car park full now and it's rare that it's ever empty. My favourite part about Parkable is that the team really made the entire onboarding process so easy for us."

Aurecon Lead Client Experience Ambassador

The results

60% of Aurecon staff say Parkable improved their work commute

Since launching Parkable, Aurecon has seen some significant improvements in how their car park is used. Staff with allocated parks now share them via the app when they aren’t working in the office, and those shared parks are occupied by their colleagues or visitors 95 percent of the time, demonstrating just how highly valued a park at work is.

Park sharing has also had a huge impact on how widely parking has been distributed: Instead of only a single person using each allocated parking spot, Aurecon has seen those allocated parks being used by four different staff members each month.

Feedback from Aurecon staff has been overwhelmingly positive. Over half of employees say that Parkable has made it easier for them to plan their commute, and 40 percent say that Parkable has helped them to increase their productivity, because they no longer need to move their cars between short-term street parks during the workday.

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