Seamless access control integration

At a glance

Seamless gate access

Parkable’s app gives car park access to staff who have booked or have an allocated car park, delivering seamless, secure access to the right people

Fair distribution of parks

Through Parkable’s booking and park sharing features, Carsales employees can access parks that were previously only available to executives

Easy payments

Employees use the app to easily pay for parking. In just 6 weeks this raised more funds for the Carsales Foundation than any other fundraising initiative


Business overview

Carsales is Australia’s largest online marketplace for cars, trucks, caravans, motorcycles and boats. There are around 200,000 vehicles for sale on at any given time, and the team’s focus on leading technology and advertising empowers customers to make buying decisions with confidence. Carsales and its subsidiaries employ over 600 people in Australia and operate across the Asia Pacific region, with their head office in Melbourne.

“Parking was a headache that I didn’t need, so I was relieved to find a solution. Parkable ticks all the boxes for carsales - customer support, pain-free parking, and giving fair access to all staff.”

Alex Kelly, Workplace Manager

The motivation

Fairly distribute vacant parks while retaining secure access

Before Covid-19, all of the onsite car parks at carsales’ Melbourne office were full and allocated to executives. However, after a number of staff members left the company, their parking spots sat empty and there was no system for managing those unused parks.

In order to improve employee happiness and remove the sense of hierarchy in the car park, carsales wanted to share those vacant parks fairly among their staff and allow people to pay a casual rate for parking when they needed to drive into the office.

Because carsales’ car parks sit behind access control and they didn’t want all staff to have a swipe card and 24/7 entry, they also needed a solution that would deliver seamless, secure access to the right people.

The solution

“Parkable ticks all the boxes for carsales”

Parkable’s car park management software offers solutions for each of carsales’ needs: seamless park sharing, payments, and access control.

For staff without an allocated park, the Parkable app makes it easy to check availability, book a park in advance, and pay for parking on an hourly or daily basis. Carsales’ executives use the Parkable app to easily share their allocated park with colleagues when they aren’t driving into work, increasing the number of parks available to the rest of the team.

Plus, Parkable integrates with carsales’ access control. That makes it easy for staff with an allocated park or who have reserved a spot to open the access gate via the app, and provides carsales with a secure, flexible tool for managing car park access.

Carsales also uses Parkable’s reporting tools, giving them new visibility and awareness of how the car park is being used.

“Parkable is a neat, intuitive app that makes securing a park seamless and easy!”

Carsales staff member

The results

Allocated parks shared over 700 times in first 7 weeks

In the first seven weeks of implementing Parkable, almost half of carsales’ executive team had shared their allocated park with colleagues at least once, and in total allocated parks were shared over 700 times. That made around 20 additional parks available to the rest of the team every workday.

The revenue generated from these ‘casual’ parking sessions is then donated to the carsales foundation, which allows the company to build funds toward workplace improvements. Carsales was thrilled that after just a month and a half, sharing and monetising allocated parks had raised more money than any other fundraising initiative.

Plus, with the new access control integration and reporting features, carsales now has far more control and awareness of how their staff car park is being used.

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