15% increase in car park occupancy

At a glance

Park occupancy increased 15%

Sharing of allocated bays and transparent parking availability has increased occupancy dramatically

Seamless transition

Despite Datacom’s parking being halved, with Parkable the transition was smooth and easy for staff

Reduced lease costs

Through optimising staff parking, Datacom has also reduced the lease costs of their car park

About Datacom

Business overview

Datacom is an IT services company which was founded in New Zealand in 1965. The company now operates in Australia, Malaysia, Vietnam, the Philippines, the USA and the UK, with 4,880 employees across 30 offices globally.

“It’s awesome being able to recoup some of my parking cost when I’m working remotely or out of the office. It’s also a plus knowing that I’m helping a fellow colleague who needs a park at work.”

Datacom employee

The motivation

An office move meant halving staff parking

In 2017, Datacom New Zealand consolidated its 6 Auckland offices into 3, which reduced their parking space from 600 to 300 bays. Datacom hoped that the reduction in parking space could be resolved through encouraging staff to use other modes of transport, and using their 300 bays as efficiently as possible. There was also concern about making the transition as smooth and easy as possible for staff.

The solution

Viewing the challenge as an opportunity

Datacom approached Parkable prior to the transition in late 2016, and we worked together closely to provide a solution which included bespoke functions, specific to Datacom’s business needs. Today, hundreds of Datacom employees use Parkable to park each month.

“Using Parkable means I can drop my son off at daycare and not stress all the way to work about getting a park close enough to be on time. Awesome work!”

Datacom employee

The result

Increased occupancy and reduced lease costs

The efficiency of car park use has dramatically improved for Datacom since 2017, with daily car park occupancy increased 15% on average since implementing Parkable. This is due to the visibility of parking availability, which enables staff to plan their commutes more effectively, and the financial incentives given to staff when sharing their park with colleagues. The Parkable model also significantly reduces Datacom’s cost for leasing the parking space.

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