European Motor Distributors

Improved company culture through better parking

At a glance

Reducing stress for staff

EMD uses Parkable to provide more parking options closer to the office, reducing the morning stress for employees

Optimising scarce parking space

By using Parkable’s park sharing feature, EMD is able to use its on-site car park far more efficiently

Increasing productivity

EMD staff used to move their cars up to four times each day. Now, staff have access to secure, all-day parking

About EMD

Business overview

European Motor Distributors (EMD) are import agents who hold the New Zealand distribution rights to Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, and Porsche. They cover product planning, pricing, sales, service, parts, and marketing.

“Staff faced the daily stress of either needing to arrive early to secure a good parking spot and then walking to the office, or parking in the time-restricted zones and moving their cars every couple of hours.”

John Frear, Group Business Quality Development Manager

The motivation

Scarce and restricted parking creates stress for employees

Because of EMD’s inner city location, parking options for staff were scarce. Their on-site parking bays were allocated as a perk, with all other staff using either 120-minute restricted street parking, or parking at a significant walking distance. Staff were unhappy with the inconvenience, and management was concerned about the lost productivity that came with staff needing to move their cars up to four times every day. At the same time, EMD’s internal car park wasn’t being used as efficiently as it could be. When staff with allocated parking were away from the office their bays sat empty, while their colleagues struggled to find parking.

The solution

Optimising the car park through sharing and carpooling

Parkable enabled staff to share their bay whenever they didn’t need it, significantly increasing the utilisation of the on-site car park. Some of these on-site bays were also turned into ‘carpooling only’ spots, incentivising staff to ride share and making even better use of limited parking space.

EMD also decided to secure a long-term subscription to eight of Parkable’s off-site parking bays, increasing the options for staff. This provided those staff without allocated bays cost-effective parking options either at or very close to the office.

In response to these changes, 50% of EMD staff say that Parkable has changed the company's work culture for the better.

“Parkable has provided a fair and equitable way to allocate scarce parking resources, and improved the sense of unity amongst the team.”

John Frear

The result

A unified team and better mornings

For EMD, the most important result of using Parkable is that their employees now have easier mornings. Staff have the comfort of checking parking availability and booking a bay in advance, which removes a lot of stress and allows them to plan their day. Plus, employees feel that the business has listened to their concerns about commuting and parking, and gone to significant lengths to improve the options available. John says that both staff with allocated on-site parking bays and those who were struggling to find parking have embraced Parkable, and that the process has united the team.

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