Gina’s Italian Kitchen

Where tradition and warmth meet innovative business practices

At a glance

A new revenue stream

The income generated with Parkable covers the cost of leasing Gina’s car park from a third party

A new customer base

By sharing the car park with the public, Gina attracts a new customer base of CBD commuter

Real-time flexibility

The flexibility inherent to Parkable allows Gina’s to rent out their bays at times that suit their business

About Gina's

Italian cuisine and vibrance

Gina’s Italian Kitchen is a family-run restaurant in Auckland’s Symond Street, full of excellent food and joyful atmosphere. They began using Parkable in 2017 after struggling to lease their underused parking space.

“Quite often during the day our parking spaces were unused. I tried advertising online and on our website - then I found out about Parkable.”

Joyce Fantoni, Co-owner

The motivation

An expensive asset sitting empty

In 2017, Gina's co-owner Joyce Fantoni was trying to find a way to lease Gina’s parking bays during the day in order to recoup costs from renting the space. Often their park was not being used until the evening, so they were paying for space that wasn’t being fully utilised. After failed attempts to advertise the space online and through their website, Joyce found out about Parkable.

The solution

Bringing innovation to a traditional restaurant

The Parkable app provides a flexible and simple solution for renting Gina’s parking bays at times when they aren’t used by staff and customers. Because Parkable provides significant flexibility, Joyce can decide in real-time which days and hours the parks are available on the app, which suits the business’s work schedule.

“As a provider, it’s really easy to use. It’s flexible. You can choose which hours, you can choose your days.”

Joyce Fantoni

The result

Extra revenue, easy use, and flexible hours

The income which Gina’s receives from renting their parking space on Parkable covers the costs of leasing the park from a third party, essentially giving the business free parking. It also brings CBD commuters to the restaurant, attracting a new customer base.

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