Highwic Historic House

Helping to maintain Newmarket’s heritage Gothic mansion

At a glance

Flexible to suit Highwic’s peak times

Highwic generates income from its car park at off-peak times, so visitors don’t miss out on parking

Income for special projects

Income made through Parkable goes toward important projects that maintain and repair the House

Increased awareness

Sharing their car park means more people visit and gain an awareness of Heritage NZ each day

About Highwic Historic House

Public tour and private venue

Highwic Historic House, situated in Newmarket, Auckland, is a heritage Gothic mansion built in 1862 for Alfred Buckland. Highwic is well maintained and open for public tours, as well as being a venue for private and business functions.

“We’re in the heart of Newmarket, so there are always people needing parking here. It’s a really great way of having extra income for our property.”

Samantha Skeen

The motivation

The need for flexibility and adaptability

Historic residences such as Highwic have specific maintenance and repair requirements, where any extra income is welcome. While situated in Newmarket, an area with high demand for parking, Highwic was unable to fully utilise its parking space because the number of bays they need for visitors fluctuates, depending on whether it is an on- or off-peak visiting time. To rent their space they needed a highly flexible and adaptable tool.

The solution

Highwic rents its park at off-peak times

Parkable allows people to change the availability of their car park in real-time, and makes that information instantly visible to parkers. This flexibility allows Highwic to scale up and down the number of parking spaces available on the app, keeping more spaces free for visitors as and when they need them.

“Having people parking here on a daily basis is really good for us, as it increases general awareness about Heritage NZ. It’s really nice to be able to share it with a few more people every day.”

Samantha Skeen

The result

Funding special maintenance projects

Through Parkable, Highwic has discovered a way to rent out their park bays on days and times which suit their needs, so they can make extra income from their space without removing easy parking for their visitors. This income helps them to fund special projects to maintain and upgrade the building.

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