IAG Christchurch

Better commutes and happier staff

At a glance

A better staff experience

With only enough parks for one third of staff, parking was a major pain point until the launch of Parkable

Improved engagement

Employees appreciated the consideration, time, and effort taken to reduce the daily stress of parking

Efficient use of space

Using Parkable, more staff park on-site, which means a bigger chunk of lease costs are recovered

About IAG

Business overview

IAG New Zealand is an insurance company and subsidiary of Insurance Australia Group (IAG). The company has regional offices in main centres throughout New Zealand and numerous subsidiary branch locations, with this case study focusing on IAG’s Christchurch location. IAG has also launched with Parkable at its NZI Centre and Albany locations.

“As a busy working mum doing kids drop off and pick up, ease of parking has been a pain point. Parkable has completely changed the game - getting to and from work easily is now totally stress free!”

IAG Christchurch employee

The motivation

Only enough parking for one third of staff

IAG Christchurch has 755 staff members and just 255 parking bays. This produced challenges for the company’s policies to reduce their corporate footprint, increase staff engagement, and create flexible working arrangements. For example, staff reported that they were sacrificing family time in order to secure a car park, and found it frustrating that they could not know in advance whether on-site parking was available.

The solution

The tools to transform staff parking

Implementing Parkable gave IAG a number of tools that transformed the team’s parking behaviour. These include the ability to view parking availability in real time, reserve a bay in advance, and share allocated bays on days that they are unused.

The platform also improved asset management capabilities, and provided monthly data and analytics reporting, which helps IAG to understand and improve car park use over time.

“So easy to use and made such a difference to my morning knowing that I was able to just book a park with the push of a button!”

IAG Christchurch employee

The result

Better commutes, better use of space

IAG’s parking space is now used far more efficiently. Allocated parking spots are shared by senior staff 20% of the time on average, freeing IAG's parks for other employees to use every day. That means more available parks for staff, and cost recovery on company parking.

Being able to view parking availability and reserve a bay in advance has reduced commuting uncertainty for staff, increasing staff engagement, and made it easier for IAG to provide flexible working arrangements. In fact, 40% of IAG staff say that Parkable has improved the company's work culture.

Following this success, Parkable has been extended to a two further IAG New Zealand campuses, at the NZI Centre and in Albany.

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