Kiwi Property Group

Simple property portfolio management

At a glance

Streamlined management

Kiwi Property has full visibility and management capability of its parking assets on a single platform

Recoup thousands of dollars

By making underused parks available to other tenants, Kiwi Property recoups thousands on their assets

Unique value proposition

An innovative tech solution to parking attracts new tenants and adds value for existing clients

About Kiwi Property Group

Business overview

Kiwi Property Group is a property investment company focused on sustainable returns and creating robust layers of governance. In 1993 Kiwi Property listed on the NZX as Kiwi Income Property Trust, the first entity of their kind in New Zealand, and today are the largest-listed diversified property company of the NZX.

"One of my favourite things about Parkable is the flexibility. I'm able to add parks on the platform when they're not used by tenants, so that staff can use them to park casually."

Tania Gray, Commercial Property Manager

The motivation

Managing properties across multiple locations

Kiwi Property has parking space across multiple residential and commercial sites, which was complex to manage using traditional tools as they could not view the occupancy of all car parks on the same platform. They also believed that an innovative tech solution to car parking would attract new tenants, and add value for existing clients.

The solution

Full visibility on a single platform

Kiwi Property piloted Parkable in 2018 across a number of their CBD commercial properties. They gained full visibility of their parking assets on a single platform, and were suddenly able to increase their management efficiency, collect payments with ease, and recoup costs on assets that were previously at a fixed cost by making underutilised bays available for casual parking to other tenants in their buildings.

"Staff amenities and satisfaction is what we strive to provide for our tenants. Parkable gives those who don't have a permanent car park the opportunity to take advantage of casual parks at a competitive rate."

Tania Gray

The result

Recouping costs and adding value for tenants

Parkable has helped Kiwi Property to streamline their management system, recoup thousands of dollars in parking costs, provide additional value to tenants through park sharing, and reduce the hours spent by staff on car park management so that they can focus on their core business. Kiwi Property has also become a pioneer as the only property management enterprise in New Zealand with the ability to share car parks across multiple properties, which provides a unique proposition over competitors.

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