Automated management processes

At a glance

125 hours less admin

KPMG’s system was “archaic and time-consuming.” Now they save hours each week with a modern process

Better staff experience

Staff can commute with confidence through transparent parking availability and ‘book in advance’

Automated problem resolution

If someone from outside the business uses the car park, admin is automatically alerted via the app

About KPMG

Business overview

KPMG provides professional services including audit, tax, and advisory to private businesses, publicly-listed companies, government and public sector organisations, and not-for-profits. They also help SMEs and family-run businesses to grow. KPMG has 108 parking bays and 300+ staff at their Auckland location.

“Daily checking of all the cars was extremely archaic and time consuming.”

Ross Turner, Facilities Manager

The motivation

Out-dated processes drained time and resources

For KPMG, time waste on car park administration and enforcement was a long-acknowledged problem. To monitor their car parks, KPMG staff left their business cards on the car dashboard, and each morning someone checked these business cards to make sure that only eligible staff were parked. The business cards were routinely updated to keep the system secure, and checking over 100 bays took around 30 minutes each day.

The solution

Lack of visibility created bad parking experiences

As well as an old fashioned enforcement process, KPMG felt that their staff parking experience could be improved. The company has 108 parking bays and 320 staff entitled to use the car park, a common predicament for many large businesses. They had a ‘first come first served’ system, which provided no way for staff to know in advance whether or not the car park was full. It also encouraged staff to arrive at work earlier than necessary in order to secure a bay, reducing time that could be spent with family, resting, or working toward personal goals. A ‘first come first served’ system can also unfairly disadvantage particular members of staff, such as working parents, who may not have the option of coming to work early.

“We want to deliver the best experience for our staff and this includes adapting to the latest technology that provides both ease of use and efficiency. We’ve also found the customer care experience from Parkable to be excellent.”

Ross Turner

The result

Providing tools that help KPMG to meet its goals

Parkable's system monitors daily parking activity remotely and provides infringement reports, which notify KPMG when people from outside the organisation are parking in the space. By using these features, KPMG has eliminated the need for daily business card checks, and will save 125 or more hours of administration time per year.

Reports which provide statistics on car park usage will also support KPMG in achieving their aims to increase carpooling and become carbon neutral by 2030. In terms of improving staff experiences and work culture, Parkable allows KPMG staff to reserve a bay in advance, removing the pressure to arrive early to work. This also removes unfair advantages given to those who can come in early to work.

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