La Marzocco

Moving premises: the best time to rethink your resources

At a glance

Extra revenue

With a bit of extra income each week, La Marzocco can fund the important things - like great Friday drinks

Flexible to suit the business

Availability can be updated in real-time, so if someone is away, their park can be rented to the public

Quick and easy

Managing the park only takes a few minutes a month, so La Marzocco isn’t distracted from core business

About La Marzocco

Business overview

La Marzocco produces high-end espresso coffee machines and grinders, and has done so since the company was founded in 1927 Florence. This case study focuses on La Marzocco’s New Zealand branch, which resides in Auckland.

“It’s another way for businesses to earn a bit of extra money.”

Tom Handiside, NZ General Manager

The motivation

Growing as a business meant more parks than the team needed

When La Marzocco grew as a business, it moved to a larger office space which had more parking bays than their team needed. With four unused bays, NZ General Manager Tom Handiside needed to find a solution for leasing the parks that was easy to manage and didn’t take his time away from the core business.

The solution

A solution that’s fast, efficient, and flexible

Leasing La Marzocco’s four extra bays on Parkable has a number of features that Tom appreciates. Car park management is fast and efficient, as everything can be done via Smartphone; the system is flexible so more bays can be made available in real-time, for instance if someone who usually parks at work is on leave; and it is easy to contact the people who are parking if need be.

“It’s super quick. I can make changes on my phone, I can open up more parks, I can actually interact with the people parking if I need to.”

Tom Handiside

The result

Extra income that funds team social fun

Other than providing an easy and efficient solution to leasing La Marzocco’s car parks, Tom states that the extra income is put to excellent use: “certainly our Friday night social fun has benefitted.” Now that’s what we call improved team engagement!

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