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Fair, seamless parking for all LSTM staff

At a glance

Flexible parking for flexible working

With a move to hybrid working, some LSTM employees were paying for offsite parking while allocated car parks were sitting empty because the employees with parking privileges were working from home. They felt frustration over the inefficient use paired with the sense of it being an unfair situation for employees.

With Parkable, LSTM now has flexible and seamless sharing of parking spots, ensuring all spaces are used by people who work from the office that day.

No more manual car park admin

LSTM were using spreadsheets, manually handing over swipe cards, and conducting on-foot checks of the car park to manage and share parks among staff. Now, it’s all seamlessly automated through the Parkable platform.

Healthier workplace culture

LSTM wanted to end awkward parking politics and welcome equitable parking for all employees. With the Parkable app, everyone can access the car park, and book a spot in advance. It’s much easier and fairer.

About LSTM

Business Overview

The Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine (LSTM) is one of the world leaders in global health research and teaching – the facility was the first of its kind when it opened in 1898. Their work today involves combating the burden and mortality of diseases like TB, HIV/AIDS, malaria, and dengue through research, the development of medicine and vaccines, and training the next generation of health professionals. They wanted to spend less time on pesky parking issues and more time to focus on their cause.

“ Nobody enjoyed having those awkward conversations about parking. Everyone agreed it wasn’t fair ”

The motivation

Parking headaches for employees and administrative staff

LSTM used to allocate their onsite parking to some of their staff members and managed it manually. This wasn’t too bad when everyone came into the office each day. But after moving to a hybrid working model with the option to WFH, some allocated parks were staying empty all day while staff without an allocated park had to drive around looking for public parking. It was causing a bit of friction.

To try and remedy this LSTM tried manually sharing the carparks each day, depending on who was coming driving in to work from the office. This involved spreadsheets, handing over swipe passes (that didn’t always work), and physically checking the correct people were using the parks each day. It was a temporary patch but still meant admin staff spent far too much time managing parking, and employees still didn’t have a fair chance of securing a park each day. Cue Parkable.

The Solution

Transparent and stress-free parking and management

Using our Parking Management software, LSTM can now track, manage, and facilitate equitable and seamless employee parking. The app allows all staff to see car park availability each day and reserve a park in advance if they are coming into the office. If availability is low, they can request to park and Parkable’s algorithm will fairly allocate any vacant spots. When they arrive at the carpark, automated plate recognition automatically opens the gates – no more unreliable security cards. From the admin portal, LSTM carpark administrators can see what parking spots are in use and by whom, view usage and sharing reports, and review any parking problems that the system has automatically resolved.

“Parkable has turned a complicated and frustrating situation for some into a simple and seamless experience for everyone.”

The result

Fairer parking and valuable time back

With the Parkable app, equitable parking is available to all staff. Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine can offer onsite spots in a fair and transparent way to everyone, maximising their asset in a way that benefits employee wellbeing and reduces admin overheads. it’s a solution that suits LSTM’s current hybrid working policy and can adapt to suit their needs in the future. Hopefully that doesn’t involve another pandemic…

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