Masterpet Sydney

Optimising onsite parking

At a glance

Maximise parking spaces

Masterpet used Parkable to optimise assets by democratising their car parking spaces

Real time data

Employees use the app to reserve and release parking spaces and check availability in real time

Easy access control

The Parkable app integrates with access controls, allowing employees to open the car park gate with a tap on their phone

About Masterpet

Business overview

Masterpet is dedicated to providing education, products and services people need to do what’s right for their pets, with brands such as: Black Hawk, VitaPet, Aristopet, Yours Droolly and Trouble & Trix. A trans-Tasman business, they employ over 30 staff at their Sydney headquarters.

"As we have lots of moving staff members, Parkable is a wonderful, user-friendly tool, both on desktop and phone to oversee availability and booking in advance options."

Jorja Larkin, Office Manager & Executive Assistant

The motivation

Flexible working meant car parking spaces were underutilised

Previously, Masterpet’s limited staff parking spots in central Sydney were allocated to individual employees. With the introduction of a flexible working policy, these employees began working from home part of the time, leaving their onsite car spaces sitting empty.

Masterpet saw an opportunity to maximise use of its assets by offering all team members access to onsite parking. This became especially important with the COVID-19 pandemic, as Masterpet wanted to provide the safety and comfort of easy onsite parking to everyone.

The solution

Transforming parking spaces to benefit the whole Masterpet team

Masterpet decided to remove allocation from some of the parking spaces and open the employee car park to everyone in the team. To make this transition smooth and effective, Masterpet implemented Parkable.

The Parkable app allows Masterpet employees to reserve parking in advance and check the availability of car parks in real time. Employees with an allocated spot use the app to easily share their park with colleagues, making more parking spaces available to everyone.

Parkable also integrates with Masterpet’s access control, which allows staff to open the car park gates through the app. This removes the need for swipe cards while retaining security. It also makes it simpler for staff from Masterpet’s Southwest Sydney office to visit the head office, as they can book parking and open the gates with ease.

"Parkable is easy to use and hassle free. It provides Masterpet a fantastic structure to organise employee and visitor parking. Guests have been impressed with the professionalism and features such as opening the car park gate remotely."

Jorja Larkin

The results

Park sharing empowers a flexible workforce

With Parkable, Masterpet’s car park is now available to the entire team. The app makes it easy for employees to plan their schedules and booking a car park in advance means that they can commute in with the confidence that a car space will be waiting for them onsite.

Masterpet also uses Parkable’s visitor parking system, which makes it easy for administrators to make bookings and invite guests and clients to access the car park. Like employees, visitors who have been invited to the Masterpet car park can open the access gates seamlessly through the Parkable app.

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