The National Restaurant Association

Seamlessly sharing 48 parking spots with 100 staff

At a glance

Fair and flexible on-site parking:

NRA now has flexible parking to match their flexible WFH policy. Staff can check availability and reserve a parking spot on the days they’re heading into the office, so parks are fairly and efficiently shared between those that need them each day.

Time and cost savings:

Parkable’s software automates the management of NRA’s parking, from bookings right through to taking payment, saving NRA time while also recouping parking costs.

Happier commutes:

Staff can book a car park in advance on the days they’re planning on driving in and commute with confidence knowing that they have a parking spot waiting for them.

About NRA

Business overview

Ever since the NRA (then known as the Kansas City Restaurant Association) organised a boycott against egg brokers demanding unfair prices back in 1919, they’ve been on a mission to set the table for the industry’s success. They exist to build a thriving restaurant and foodservice community in America, and do this by turning new ideas and technologies into business-building trends, and investing in the people who drive the industry forward. Their HQ is in Washington DC, where their 100 strong team helps them on their mission.

“We wanted to make the return to the office as easy and seamless for staff as possible, and that starts with the morning commute. With Parkable, we’re able to offer reservable on-site parking to all of our DC team members, which reduces the stress of coming into the office.”

Sarah Kane, Project Lead

The motivation

Welcoming 100 staff back to the office, with 48 parking spots

Post-covid restrictions, it was time for the NRA team to head back to their Washington DC HQ. Having spent so much time working from home, the NRA wanted to make the return to work easy and welcoming for their team.

The NRA understood that the commute was often a painful part of a day working from the office, so they decided to find a system that would enable them to share the 48 on-site parking spots fairly among their 100 employees. Therefore improving the start of their employees mornings.

They also needed a parking system that could easily accommodate their new flexible working policy without adding to the amount of admin needed to run the car park. They didn’t want staff to be tied to specific allocated car parks, instead they needed to be able to book, park and pay for the days they drive into the office.

The solution

A parking software that’s as flexible as the NRA’s WFH policy

The NRA recognised that the work day was already filled with enough stresses and to-do’s without parking being added to the list, and implemented Parkable’s software to do all of the heavy lifting.

Parkable’s software is perfectly suited for NRA’s flexible working policy, using the app, NRA employees request a parking spot on days that they’re driving into the office. Parkable’s allocation algorithm then fairly distributes the parks between those who have submitted requests, giving everyone an equal chance of securing a park each day. The app notifies staff if their parking request has been successful ahead of time so they can plan ahead for their commute.

The National Restaurant Association also uses Parkable to enable payment for their workplace parking. Employees use the Parkable app to start and end a parking session, and are automatically charged for the time they parked and emailed a receipt.

“Parkable has provided a complete parking solution for us. Booking, payment, and soon access control solutions that are easy to use, plus an efficient system for managing the parking garage that reduces the time I need to spend thinking about parking.”

Sarah Kane

The result

Parking that doesn’t warrant a second thought

Now NRA staff commute to work without sparing a second thought about whether they’ll be able to find a park when they arrive, and NRA management don’t have to spend hours manually managing and recouping costs on their staff parking.

By implementing Parkable, the NRA improves employee experience, reduces the administration associated with managing their carpark, and maximizes the value of their parking spaces.

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