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Stress-free parking for employees and administrators

At a glance

Happier employees:

Employees are no longer left wondering whether they’ll get to park at the office each morning. With Parkable, they can request a park in advance and the app’s algorithm will fairly distribute parking spots between employees, giving everyone an equal chance of securing a spot.

Pain-free parking management:

Parkable’s automatic problem resolution, tandem parking feature, and real-time occupancy tracking have taken the headache out of managing what was otherwise a complicated and cumbersome parking situation.

World-class service + onboarding:

The onboarding support and customer service Orangetheory received from the friendly Parkable team made the implementation and adoption of the new platform a breeze.

About Orangetheory Fitness

Business Overview

Orangetheory Fitness (OTF) is a boutique fitness studio franchise that started in America in 2010. Since then, Orangetheory have popped up across the globe, with over 1,300 studios spanning 23 countries, servicing >1 million members. They are on a mission to be the trusted global leader in innovative, heart rate-based interval training, and are well on their way. Canada has the most OTF studio’s outside of the United States, and their Canadian headquarters were searching for a new, smart parking solution to streamline their employee parking.

“We are super happy with our transition over to Parkable. The team is amazing and the app is so user friendly! We would definitely recommend this to any organization looking for streamlined office parking management.”

The motivation

Making parking fair for employees, and stress-free for administrators

Before Parkable, OTF employees would have to wait until they arrived at the office each day to know whether they would be able to park on site. Commuting into a busy area already made mornings tricky enough without the added trouble of arriving at work only to have to leave the premises and find a park elsewhere.

OTF also has the added complexity of tandem parking bays. In order to fit more employees on site, they needed to park each other in. With no easy way to manage this, it meant employees or OTF administrators were spending valuable work hours finding and notifying people they needed to move their car to let someone else leave.

Orangetheory Fitness knew they needed a smart solution that would ease the morning commute, make parking onsite fairer for all staff, and allow both employees and car park administrators to gain time back. That’s when they landed on Parkable.

The Solution

Seamless, automated parking at their Canadian HQ

Orangetheory found that the Parkable software ticked all of the boxes (and some) that they were looking for in a smart parking solution.

Using the Parkable app, employees can request a car park in advance and view the parking lot availability in real-time. If there are more parking requests than available spots, Parkable’s algorithm fairly distributes parking spots between staff, giving everyone an equal chance of securing a spot. The tandem parking feature also means employees simply chat via the app to coordinate leaving times, saving everyone time and hassle.

Plus, Parkable’s online admin panel makes managing the carpark seamless. With automatic problem resolution, occupancy tracking and real-time reporting, Orangetheory’s parking process is now streamlined, giving them valuable time back in their days.

“A big reason we chose Parkable was due to the high level of communication and support from the Parkable team. The whole team is amazing!”

The result

Less time spent on parking, more on what matters

By knowing whether they have a parking spot in advance of their drive to work, Orangetheory staff can now better plan their week ahead and commute to work without the stress and time suck of searching for a spot. Plus, the odds of getting a parking spot onsite are now a whole lot fairer, with Parkable’s algorithm ensuring everyone has a chance.

For the administrative team, parking no longer takes up so much of their valuable time. Instead, Parkable’s system handles it for them. Now they simply login to the admin panel to check how things are going.

Plus, the Parkable team’s excellent communication, customer service and on-boarding support meant the new system was adopted seamlessly.

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