Pacific Island Presbyterian Church

Turning an underused car park into a valuable fundraising asset

At a glance

Thousands in revenue each month

By renting out its car park, PIC Newton generates thousands of dollars in extra revenue every month

Flexible to suit the church’s schedule

If there’s a last minute event, PIC Newton can simply make the car park unavailable via the app

Funding for important projects

The consistent revenue enables the church to fund facility upgrades and community projects

About PIC Newton

NZ's first Pacific Island Church

The Pacific Island Presbyterian Church is a long-standing fixture in Newton, Auckland having celebrated their 70th year in 2018. Welcoming different nations and generations of people they are a busy inner city congregation.

"The church are very grateful for Parkable and their support, especially the financial side of things."

Reverend Ma'afala Koko

The motivation

PIC Newton needs to constantly raise funds

PIC Newton requires ongoing funding for facility upgrades, church missions, and community projects. The church has a large car park, which is only filled by church attendees during events and services, becoming an unused asset the rest of the time. In the past they had been unable to make income from this parking space because frequent changes to the availability of the park made it unsuitable for traditional parking models.

The solution

The church car park becomes a source of revenue

Parkable allows its hosts to change the availability of its parks in real-time, and makes that information instantly visible to users. This gave PIC Newton the flexibility necessary to rent out its parking bays, as they are able to make their park unavailable if there is an unexpected event or service, something which most parking companies do not allow for.

“[Parkable] are very consistent and very supportive. When you ring them they’re on the ball straight away.”

Reverend Ma'afala Koko

The result

Consistent income and a supportive team

PIC Newton now makes thousands of dollars every month by renting out their parking space to Parkable users. This provides a new source of income for the church from an asset that was previously unsuitable for renting. As well as the income being used for important work - facility upgrades, community projects, and feeding the homeless - Reverend Ma'afala Koko notes that by bringing new people to the property, Parkable encourages people to come inside and have a look at PIC Newton.

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