Seamless sharing of allocated parks between staff

At a glance

Seamless sharing

Instead of relying on manual systems or leaving allocated parks empty when people are not at the office, Parkable’s app makes park sharing quick and easy

140 hours saved

By making park sharing a more seamless process, Serko saves three hours every week and 144 hours each year on car park administration

Optimising space

Parkable’s park sharing ensures that Serko makes the most of their leased car parks, rather than letting paid resources sit underused

Employee experience

Parkable has significantly improved the office experience by making free parking available to more staff than ever before

About Serko

Business overview

Serko is a leading SaaS technology business that provides powerful online corporate travel booking and expense management software to customers across more than 35 countries. Serko employs around 300 people worldwide, with its HQ in New Zealand and offices across Australia, the US and China.

“Our people are super happy with Parkable as they can plan their trip into work knowing there is a park available for them. They love the idea that parks are being shared and the return on investment is maximised.”

Susie Woolley, Office Manager

The motivation

Sharing allocated parks was “manual and cumbersome” and parks often lay empty

Serko’s work practices changed significantly after Covid-19, with staff regularly working from home. Because Serko’s car parks are allocated to specific employees and there was no formal system for sharing allocated parks among staff, when car park ‘owners’ worked from home their parks were often left empty.

Susie Woolley, Serko’s Office Manager, called the company’s process of sharing allocated parks “manual and cumbersome”. Instead of using a system for sharing, owners of allocated car parks told colleagues that they could use their park either face to face or via private message.

Serko’s Corporate Services Manager would also get involved in sharing allocated car parks, which took four to five hours every week. In short, sharing allocated parks wasn’t as effective as it could be, and took up too much valuable time.

The solution

Replacing poor processes with a platform built for sharing

Parkable replaces Serko’s manual processes for sharing parks with an intuitive and easy-to-use platform built for park sharing. With Parkable, car park ‘owners’ easily share their allocated park with colleagues with a few taps in the app.

Serko employees without an allocated park then use the Parkable app to book a spot for the next day, and can check car park availability in real time. This allows people to plan their commute and drive in with the knowledge that a park is waiting for them, as well as removing cumbersome administrative work.

“Parkable is awesome, it’s an easy app to use and the staff love it. Empowering the staff to use the app and forego checking in with the office has been wonderful!”

Susie Woolley

The result

Seamless park sharing means better commutes for staff members

For Serko, the biggest benefit of using Parkable is creating a better experience for their staff. Susie Woolley says that staff appreciate being able to use the shared parks, and that knowing there’s a reserved park waiting for them at the office makes a big difference.

By making park sharing a more seamless process, Serko also saves about three hours every week on car park administration and is confident in the knowledge that they are making the most of their leased car parks.

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