14 hours of admin time saved every week

At a glance

Staff experience

By sharing allocated parks easily through the Parkable app, TAB has opened their car park to all staff, creating better commutes for employees

670 hours saved

Using Parkable’s software, the amount of time TAB administrators spent on the car park went from 15 hours to 1 hour a week

Optimised car parks

Before Parkable, about 25 onsite parking spots sat empty on any given workday because they were allocated to execs who were out of the office

About TAB

Business overview

The TAB is a major entertainment business with more than 60,000 people betting with the TAB each week either online, on the racecourse, or through our retail network of around 550 outlets.

“We estimated that the car parks allocated to Executives and Senior Leaders are only occupied 50% of the time, meaning on any given day approximately 25 car parks can be unoccupied.”

Amanda Collinson, Property and Facilities Manager

The motivation

Execs’ allocated car parks sat empty while junior and mid-level employees struggled to park

Prior to Covid-19, TAB NZ’s head office had a demand for staff parking that far exceeded their supply. To combat the issue, TAB leased additional off-site parking space, despite the fact that the parks allocated to executives and senior staff members were only occupied half the time, leaving about 25 of their car parks empty on any given workday.

Another ongoing problem was that the management of TAB’s staff car park was a huge time commitment, taking their administrative team around fifteen hours every week.

After the Covid lockdown, TAB switched to flexible working, which resulted in fewer staff in the office and less demand for parking. That presented an opportunity to introduce changes to the car park.

The solution

Supporting TAB’s transition to a new mode of staff parking

With fewer employees working onsite, TAB decided to increase the flexibility of their car park so that more parking spots would be available to those coming into the office.

Using the Parkable app, TAB’s executives and senior staff with an allocated park are able to quickly and easily share their spot with colleagues. Parkable also facilitated TAB in turning a number of their allocated parks into casual parking spots available to all employees, which staff can book through the app on days when they are driving into the office.

The Parkable admin panel also enabled TAB to automate a number of previously time-consuming administration tasks, including monitoring who was in the park, reconciling payments and invoicing, and resolving problems when people parked in the wrong spot.

“Our people are loving the app and opportunity to know they have a car park booked and available on their arrival to work.”

Amanda Collinson

The results

More space guaranteed for the staff who really need it, and 93% reduction in admin time

TAB says the most important benefit from using Parkable has been the ability to open up the car park to all of their staff, and do so with technology that made the process easy. It’s been a transition that created better experiences for their junior and intermediate staff, as well as ensuring that their car parks don’t sit unnecessarily empty. Plus, TAB can now monitor the car park’s usage through the Parkable webpanel and reporting, giving them important insights that they never had visibility of before.

Parkable also significantly reduced the amount of time TAB spends managing their car park. With Parkable’s automated management tools, TAB’s administration team now only spends one hour a week on the car park, down from fifteen hours, a time saving of 670 hours (84 business days) every year. This gives administrators far more time to focus on other important business tasks.

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