White City Place

Better parking for 25+ tenants / Simple admin for London business park

At a glance

Reduced administration:

Automated problem resolution and occupancy tracking reduces administration for the White City Place facilities team

Better tenant experiences:

With Parkable’s intuitive app, tenant employees can easily book and share parks to align with flexible working

Easy, secure access:

White City Place has implemented Parkable’s integrated ANPR cameras, for seamless car park access and increased security

About White City Place

Business overview

White City Place, formerly BBC Media Village, is a collection of six buildings occupying a 17-acre site at Wood Lane in West London. The creative campus is home to more than 25 business tenants, including the BBC, ITV, Net-a-Porter, Novartis and Li & Fung.

“We had a really manual system for managing the parking and tracking the vehicles, which was a waste of time and resources. To be honest, it was a mess. I wanted a system to automate that administrative work, which is how I found Parkable.”

Timothy Scanlon, Engineering Manager, White City Place

The motivation

25 tenants pose an administrative challenge

White City Place has more than 25 business tenants, and 400 parking spots. Although parking was assigned to specific tenants and individuals, people often parked in the wrong place.

Each incorrectly parked vehicle took one to two hours for their security team to resolve: there was no record of which vehicle belonged to which tenant employee, so each incident created detective work to identify the vehicle owner, track them down, and request them to move their car.

This occurred two or three times each day, and as well as being frustrating and time-consuming for the facilities team, it created a poor experience for tenants when they arrived at work to find that someone else had parked in their assigned spot. While these tenants could be reassigned to a different spot for the day, White City Place predicted that soon all of their parking spots would be leased, leaving nowhere for tenants to park when their own park was taken.

The facilities team decided it was the right time to implement a new parking solution that would solve their administrative challenges while also providing an amenity to tenants.

The solution

Automating problem resolution with intuitive tech

Parkable provides the features that White City Place’s facilities team required: a way to automate problem resolution, track which vehicles belonged to which tenants, and integrate with gate access so that only approved tenants can access the parking spots.

With Parkable’s automatic problem resolution feature, anyone who arrives at the car park to find that their spot has been taken can use the app to report the issue directly to the facilities team. This also sends out an automated message to the incorrectly parked vehicle owner, requesting them to move their car - saving the security team hours of frustrating work each day, and providing a much faster result for the tenant whose park has been taken.

The facilities team can also use the Parkable admin panel to see who is using the car park in real time, and the integrated automated number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras ensure that only approved tenants are accessing the car park. ANPR also creates a seamless tenant experience, as people simply drive up to the gate to gain entry, and removes the need for easily misplaced swipe cards.

“Not only does Parkable’s technology solve our requirements, but I’m also very happy with the level of service we have had from Parkable - the team and onboarding process have been fantastic.”

- Timothy Scanlon

The result

Reduced administrative burden and great tenant experience

With Parkable’s app and software automating problem resolution, the White City Place facilities team have saved hours on administration each day. This has freed them up for more important tasks, and significantly reduced the level of complaints that need to be dealt with.

For tenants, problem resolution has been significantly quickened, and entry to the car park is now simple with ANPR. Tenants also use the Parkable app to book parking in advance, and those with an allocated parking spot can share it with colleagues when they’re out of the office.

Timothy says that while introducing Parkable was a big change for the 25 tenants at White City Place, the onboarding, change management, client support, and training provided by Parkable was fantastic.

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