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Xero: Making parking #human in their new UK HQ

At a glance

Fairer, user-friendly parking:

Each day, Parkable's allocation algorithm fairly distributes parking spots between the Xero employees who have submitted requests, giving everyone an equal and fair chance of securing a park.

Reduced administration:

Xero’s team have gained significant time back. They no longer manually book visitor spots, manage car park access, track parking usage or resolve parking problems. Parkable does it all for them automatically.

Easy, secure access:

Instead of sharing (and losing) physical access cards, all Xero employees now book and access the car park seamlessly through the Parkable app.

Client overview

About Xero

Xero is a cloud based accounting software for small and medium sized businesses. Founded in 2006 in Wellington, New Zealand, Xero is now a leader in the cloud accounting space globally and has over 3 million subscribers. Xero is on a mission to help make life better for small businesses globally, and they take making life better for their 4500+ employees seriously too. Their Milton Keynes office is their UK HQ and experience centre.

“At Xero, we’re really passionate about providing our employees with user-friendly facilities. We see technology like Parkable as playing a big role - and I love the way that Parkable’s features help us demonstrate our #human value by providing fair and available parking for our employees.”

Ricky Martin, Workplace Experience Manager (UK & EMEA)

The motivation

Aligning employee experience with their company values

The Xero UK team recently moved to a purpose-built office in Milton Keynes and knew they had to find a better way to manage their parking. In their previous office, Xero had wanted everyone driving in to work to have a fair opportunity to park onsite. The problem was that the business only had a dozen swipe cards to access the car park.

In an attempt to make parking fairer for everyone, each department was given one swipe card to use as they pleased. This meant relying on swipe cards being regularly and fairly passed around each member of every department (if they weren’t already lost). It’s not surprising to know that this well-intentioned system meant that parking ended up being neither fair nor accessible.

Due to this manual system, Xero’s administration team also had zero visibility or insight into car park usage and availability without manually checking the car park during the day.

The Solution

Seamless, automated car park allocation at their new UK HQ

One of the values at the heart of Xero is their #human, so when they moved into their new office, improving their employees' parking experience was important. They were looking for a smart technology solution to their parking problems and therefore made the decision to implement Parkable. Parkable not only improves their employee experience, but also automates almost all of the administration associated with managing a carpark.

With the Parkable app, Xero employees can now request a parking spot on days that they are driving into the office. Parkable’s allocation algorithm then fairly distributes the parks between those who have submitted requests, giving everyone an equal chance of securing a park each day. The app notifies staff if their parking request has been successful ahead of time so they can plan ahead for their commute.

For the administrative team, the Parkable admin panel provides real-time car park occupancy, automates problem resolution, and makes it easy to manage member access, book parking spots, and send invitations to visitors.

“As well as creating a great experience for our employees, Parkable has given me visibility of how our parking facilities are being used for the first time. I’m looking forward to exploring their ANPR solution for even more insight and seamless access experience.”

Ricky Martin, Workplace Experience Manager (UK & EMEA)

The results

Easy, fair, and accessible parking for all employees

Now, the 75 car parks at the new Milton Keynes office are available for all Xero employees to book through the Parkable app. Any employee driving into the office can simply request a car park for the day that they are in and plan their commute.

With Parkable, parking is no longer a pain point, instead Xero have turned it into an opportunity to demonstrate their #human value to their employees, and improve the experience of every team member driving to work.

At the new Xero UK HQ, parking is fairly allocated, seamlessly booked, easily managed, and a whole lot more #human.

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