On Feb 25 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Product release: Parkable now manages EV chargers

Businesses can manage, monetise, and share EV chargers with Parkable

Over the past six months, our dev team has been hard at work adding a new product to the Parkable platform. We’ve always believed that electric vehicles have an important part to play in the future of mobility, and know that the headaches associated with EV charger management can prevent companies from installing them.

That’s why we developed an EV charger management solution - to make electric vehicle charging simple and transparent for both EV drivers and administrators.

What’s the problem with managing EV chargers?

For businesses and administrators, EV chargers can pose a complex management problem. How can they track charger usage? Can they prevent non-EVs from parking in the charger spots without time-intensive monitoring? What’s the easiest and fairest way to charge staff and visitors for charging their EV? How can they make it easier for EV drivers to book a charger, so they don’t show up frustrated with a low battery and nowhere to charge?

These difficulties can make EV chargers seem like more hassle than they’re worth.

Luckily, Parkable’s EV charger management system removes all of those admin headaches.

What does great EV charger management look like?

Parkable’s EV charger management software makes it easy for organisations to monitor, manage and monetise their EV chargers.

  • Smart management: Give EV charger access to private groups of staff, visitors, or even the public through Parkable’s award-winning app. Provide free charging for guests or monetise your chargers for extra revenue.
  • Real-time reporting: View real-time usage of all EV chargers on our simple admin panel. Receive customisable reports for an accurate view of how chargers are used over time for more informed decision-making.
  • Seamless payments: EV drivers pay for their exact kW h usage via the Parkable app, and EV charger providers are sent automatic monthly payments.
  • Flexible integrations: Parkable's EV charging software supports all OCPP 1.6J-compliant smart chargers. You can customise permissions based on workplace and public availability, manage electrical load, and set and update charging rates and tariffs based on API or demand. Integrate Parkable with pre-installed smart chargers, or contact us and we'll help you find the best chargers for you.

Interested in installing EV chargers or improving your management? Learn more about Parkable’s system or schedule a quick chat with someone from our team!

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