On Mar 13 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Parkable partners with HRW Electrical to provide complete EV charging solution for UK workplaces

We’re excited to announce our partnership with HRW Electrical!

HRW Electrical is an experienced EV charger installation company, which has been operating in the EV industry for more than three years and won various awards, including Best EV Installer in the United Kingdom.

Chris Perkin from HRW Electrical says that the demand for EV charger installation in the UK has grown massively in a short period of time due to changes in legislation, the introduction of new sustainability-focused grants and tax breaks, and firms looking to promote corporate environmental responsibility.

Despite the high demand for EV chargers, their clients - typically small to medium-sized businesses - experience various management challenges once EV chargers are installed.

“As the number of EV vehicles in usage grows, through both company investment in fleets and increased popularity amongst employees, the management complexities and challenges also grow.”
- Chris Perkin, Service Manager at HRW Electrical

Now, HRW Electrical has partnered with Parkable to offer EV charger management software to any clients experiencing these challenges.

“Combining our hardware installation and service expertise with Parkable’s EV charger and car park management software provides my customers with the complete solution for workplace charging.
“Parkable provides a platform for managing and monetising EV charge points, which solves the complex problems many of our clients were having.”
- Chris Perkin

HRW Electrical instals various EV charger types, including CTEK, Rolec, Keba and Andersen. If you’re a UK business interested in installing EV chargers for your fleet vehicles or staff, contact HRW Electrical about a complete EV charger solution.