On Feb 25 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Businesses are cutting costs on car park leases while maintaining staff experience

Save tens of thousands by reducing your car park lease

For businesses that are wanting to cut costs, the ability to reduce car park leases is a solution with long-term, significant savings.

“The average commercial car park is actually underused by 25 to 30 percent during the workday - and that was before Covid lockdowns and flexible working. By using that parking space more efficiently, you can hugely reduce the amount of space you need to lease - and the way to drive that efficiency is through car park management tech. Using tech that enables car park sharing, you can significantly reduce the lease while ensuring that your staff and visitors are still gaining access to onsite parking and having a good experience.”
- Josh Nu’u-Steele, Parkable National Sales Manager

How much money can companies save?

One of Auckland’s premium car dealers, which chose not to be named, has used Parkable to reduce the number of car parks it leases for staff by 25 percent without affecting the quality of the commute for employees. Previously, the company leased 59 parking spots, and has now reduced that number to 44.

  • In Auckland’s CBD, businesses easily spend $60 - $70 on each leased parking spot per week
  • By reducing a car park lease by just 15 bays, that’s an annual saving of $54,600

With Parkable’s park sharing software, these cost savings are made without putting an extra strain on staff driving to work, because more capacity is being created from existing, underused parks.

“Companies sometimes assume that they can’t have it both ways - they can’t reduce their car park lease plus have a great experience for staff. What Parkable does is optimise both cost savings and employee happiness.”
- Josh Nu’u-Steele

Does effeciency come at the cost of staff experience?

Parkable enables employees with allocated parks to easily share their spot with colleagues when they aren’t using it, making more onsite parking available to the whole team. This means that companies’ expensive, onsite parking gets fully used, rather than bays sitting empty while other members of staff circle the block to find expensive parking far from the office.

Plus, staff who don’t have an allocated parking spot can book a park in advance and view availability on the app, ensuring that the staff car park is being fully utilised. For one of Auckland’s premium car dealers, the importance of sharing space has become even more pronounced since flexi-work policies were introduced post-lockdown.

“Sometimes staff parked down the street, walked in and saw that onsite parks were empty. We wanted to make things easier for our staff. Since Covid, more people have been making their bays available in order to support flexi-working. That means that the system can accommodate everyone all at one time."
- Operations Specialist, premium Auckland car dealer

Staff from IAG, Dentsu Aegis, European Motor Distributors and other enterprise businesses have also experienced better mornings from this increased transparency.

“At the end of the day, Parkable is all about improving how companies use their space and improving staff experiences through sharing. And for some, it’s a small investment that can lead to really impressive savings.”
- Josh Nu’u-Steele

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