On Mar 03 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

Brisbane’s Stamford Plaza Hotel launches Parkable to fill unused guest car parks

Over the past 18 months, hotels have struggled with fewer travellers and guests. For hotels like Stamford Plaza Brisbane, this is partly solved by becoming an MIQ facility for quarantining returning Australians and visitors. But while hotel rooms are filled, the guest car parks often remain underutilised.

The Stamford Plaza Hotel, for instance, had 30 unused guest car parks in the middle of the Brisbane CBD. These parks were sitting vacant, despite demand for parking in the area.

To solve this problem, the Stamford Plaza listed its unused car park on Parkable, a platform which connects unused parking space with those seeking to park. With Parkable, the hotel generates revenue when members of the public use their car parks.

Parkable also uses IoT technology to connect to Stamford Plaza’s access gates. This makes it easy for members of the public to access the hotel car park once they’ve started a parking session, while retaining building security.

"Since COVID, many of Stamford Hotel's guest car parks have gone unused. Parkable allows us to share those parks with the public and generate revenue from an otherwise unused asset."
- Jeremy Harding, Rooms Division Manager at Stamford Plaza Brisbane

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