On Nov 09 2022 / by Cassie Daley

Countryside launches Parkable in London to simplify admin and relieve parking friction.

One of Countryside Partnerships offices is located in Ealing, West London, in a multi-tenant building leased from JLL. It’s a beautifully refurbished building, providing dynamic working environments for creative professionals in this popular and busy part of the city. Countryside currently has 14 parking bays which is used by more than 40 members of staff at different times.

Having previously used a manual system Countryside’s challenge was making sure that the parking spaces were used by multiple people with a simple but effective management system. “The adhoc approach had become difficult and time-consuming to manage. We thought that there must be a more efficient way so we decided to give Parkable a call.”

Countryside’s project team came to us looking for a Parkable solution that would simplify admin, give visibility of occupancy and availability in advance and have the ability to be able to manage the parking allocation.

We created separate user groups to give them flexibility to share spaces with staff. Using Future Booking on the Parkable app, Countryside employees can request a parking spot on days that they are driving into the office, with the system allowing them one day of priority access each week.

We worked with Countryside to develop a painless change management program. EA Saroj received personalized admin training, and together we created internal comms elements – including a customized webinar for staff. We kept in close contact with Saroj to quickly answer any questions, and had our people on the ground at Countryside for launch day. This combination of training and hands-on support ensured everyone was on boarded and happy about it.

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