On May 23 2023 / by Sammie Belle Perrie

JLL partners with Parkable to remove workplace parking headaches

JLL has partnered with Parkable to revamp its parking options. Regarded as an industry leader in the real estate world, JLL recently encountered frustrations with expensive CBD parking.

That's where Parkable stepped in.

In collaboration with JLL, we introduced technology to make access to parking accessible for all JLL staff to use the office parking bays enabling the efficient sharing of parking bays.

To address this, the Parkable team expanded parking availability at JLL by implementing bay-sharing for allocated spots. Parking spots are no longer exclusively assigned to the leadership team, allowing other employees across the group to utilize office parking. This fostered a culture of sharing.

Furthermore, post-Parkable implementation, executive assistants can now share spots on behalf of the leadership team. Additionally, future booking options enable employees to plan their in-office days in advance, reducing concerns about parking availability. The aim is to lower barriers and stress associated with commuting to work, especially in the post-COVID era.

The team at JLL is also actively promoting sustainable modes of transportation and making these options more visible to staff. When the car park is full, employees are encouraged to take public transport to work.

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