On Feb 12 2023 / by Abi Spence

5 reasons moving office is the perfect time to introduce parking management software

Moving day is coming up soon; a new office, downsizing, upgrading, and all the different ways we might move office means new systems for everything. You have to figure out where desks will go, how security systems will function, getting the aircon working just right. . . and sensitive issues, like who will get a parking space.

All these changes make your office move the perfect time to implement a parking management system. However, choosing the perfect one that fits your new dynamic office needs will make settling in easier. Parkable can help you effectively manage your new workplace parking requirements, from reflecting hybrid working policies to lowering your carbon footprint. With more options for booking and sharing among staff, reduced manual admin, seamless gate access, EV charging, and many more features, Parkable offers a parking management system that's tailored to your new office space.

Questions to assess your parking requirements

When moving office, there are crucial questions you can answer to determine the best way to tailor a parking management system to your needs. Some of these include:

  • How many parking spaces do we need?
  • Are there additional parking spots available off premise if required?
  • Do we need to negotiate for more parking spaces in our lease?
  • Can we be more efficient with fewer parking spots?
  • Do we need visibility over usage to help us to accurately plan our parking lease?
  • What's the right balance between assigned and casual car parks?
  • Should we implement paid parking to offset new lease costs?

Finding the best way to balance employee parking with your existing infrastructure while moving office will help you determine how a parking management system can help you optimize your parking.

5 reasons it’s time to implement a parking management system

All your carefully planned systems go out the window, and you find yourself faced with difficult decisions. You might be losing valuable parking space, having to fit more people into fewer bays. (You can hear the complaints already!) The lease may have increased, and now you need to afford it in the new budget. Or maybe, you want to find new ways to decrease your carbon footprint.

All of these are reasons to consider a parking management system so you can solve your workplace parking issues before they begin!

Here are the top five reasons customers such as Meta (parent of Facebook), Xero and Revlon have implemented Parkable as the solution to their parking headaches:

1) Cost recovery and cost reduction

Leasing parking space can be a serious cost, taking up a large section of your facility management budget. To minimize that, you can take advantage of cost recovery methods like charging staff for parking. Billing and payment are streamlined through an automated payment management system, recouping costs without added effort. In addition, real-time occupancy data lets you adjust pricing and maximize utilization, turning employee parking spaces into a source of revenue.

Here’s a guide to moving from free to paid parking in the workplace, the right way!

2) Improve employee experience

Parkable’s future booking capabilities give employees power over parking at the office. Stress is reduced by reserving a parking spot in advance, saving time and increasing productivity. Plus, no more complaints about empty parks while execs are out of the office! Parkable’s preferred bay feature also enables staff to be the first in line to be allocated their favourite parking space.

3) Reduce administrative load

The admin team has enough on their plate without having to become parking monitors as well. Give Administration greater control with less effort through seamless access points like automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) cameras, gate access control, and security integrations such as SSO. With features, including automated problem resolution and automatic parking allocation, admins can reduce parking management by up to 93%, increasing productivity and efficiency.

4) Provide world class client parking experiences

When clients come to your office, they want a pleasant and seamless experience where they can breeze in, be treated like royalty, and breeze out again. However, circling the block, trying to get their parking validated, or figuring out where to pay for parking, is an extra step that can leave a bad taste in customers' mouths. To get around this, equip your workplace with a seamless visitor parking experience, so know they have a space before they arrive.

5) Enhance security

Enhanced automation can translate to better security. Have a complete record of vehicle movements, understanding what's going on in parking lots. With cutting-edge security integrations, camera access, and gate access control, security is a focus. Provide secure payment methods for your employee parking so they can pay quickly, easily, and safely.

Bonus benefit: Workplace EV charging!

Offering electric vehicle charging at your office is an easy way to foster goodwill and recover costs. Upgrading your parking management system to include EV charger management, including billing and payment, gives you increased control over EV chargers with a simple system that doesn’t add extra work.

Moving Office is an opportunity to upgrade your workplace parking

Implementing parking management software gives you increased visibility, improved employee satisfaction, a solution to recover costs, and a myriad of other benefits.

Get in touch if you would like to discuss different parking policies at your new office.

P.S. Easy onboarding

Upgrade your parking situation in minutes! Parkable is easy to use and simple to set up, capitalizing on a bespoke onboarding process based on the 7 principles of change management. Read more about Parkable’s onboarding process according to our customers here.

Solve your parking problems

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  • Make better use of your space
  • Align your parking with a flexible working culture
  • Implement hardware solutions

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