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Leading employers including Meta invest in workplace parking software that provides better employee experiences

Meta, Xero, KPMG and other top employers include workplace parking software in employee engagement toolbelt

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, has inked a deal with workplace parking optimisation company Parkable to help the technology giant improve the experience of onsite parking for 60,000+ employees across its global offices.

Meta joins a growing number of leading employers which have invested in the workplace parking experience by implementing Parkable, with global clients including Xero, KPMG, IAG and Datacom.

Parkable CEO and Co-Founder Toby Littin believes that this uptake is part of a growing post-COVID trend for employers to invest more heavily in employee experience across all aspects of the workplace.

“One of the most valuable lessons from the pandemic has been that employee experience is key to attracting and retaining talent,” says Toby. “While traditionally improving experience was focused on the workspace, for many, the work day starts long before their first meeting. A modern approach to optimizing this experience includes improving employee commute and parking options.”

“When I visited the Meta offices in Dublin and San Francisco earlier this year I was blown away by the ways in which they look after employees,” says Toby. “It’s fantastic that a seamless and fair parking experience is now included in that array of benefits. We applaud Meta for taking a forward thinking approach to looking after its people.”

Hybrid working in particular is driving the adoption of workplace parking software, as companies require a way to easily distribute parking to whoever is driving into the office on a given day. Without such a solution, company parking lots are often underutilized, and employees cannot easily plan their commutes.

“Never before has the office parking conundrum been so difficult; sparked by employees globally returning to offices in a very different manner to pre-Covid ways of working,” explains Toby. “Companies are facing very real challenges in ensuring their office parking is as flexible as their hybrid working policies. Too often, parking sits empty, and can't be easily shared between those coming into the office.”

Parkable solves this challenge by providing an efficient, fair system for managing and allocating parking for a newly hybrid workforce. Employees are able to plan a more seamless commute by booking parking in advance on days when they are driving into the office.

“For businesses like Meta that have onsite staff parking, hybrid work creates a management challenge which Parkable can automate. We also offer an effective, ready-to-implement way of reducing administration and simplifying the management of EV charging assets,” comments Toby.

“We’re excited to have been chosen by one of the largest technology companies on the planet - one that is building the metaverse - to solve a very real challenge in the ‘real world’,” says Toby.

Parkable has been implemented by a number of US employers wanting to improve the use of their parking resources and staff commuting experience, including Colorado Housing and Finance Authority, the American Association of Colleges of Nursing, the National Restaurant Association, and Verity Credit Union.

The announcement of Parkable’s deal with Meta was made during NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern's trade delegations to the US, focused on high-tech exports. Prime Minister Ardern highlighted the Parkable deal while signing a climate agreement in San Francisco with California Governor Gavin Newsom.

About Parkable

Parkable was founded by Toby Littin (CEO), Brody Nelson (CTO) and Warwick Beauchamp in 2016.

Parkable’s award winning parking management software solves workplace parking and mobility problems. The platform improves employee and tenant parking experiences, reduces time spent on admin, increases car park occupancy, promotes a fairer work culture and generates extra revenue.

Features include: sharing of allocated parks between tenants and employees; enabling payments and flexible parking; ANPR, tandem parking management, visitor parking, EV charger management; real-time reporting; and automated problem resolution.

Trusted by leading companies and organizations around the globe such as CBRE, White City Place (UK), KPMG, and the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.

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