Colorado Housing and Finance Authority

Returning staff to the office with improved parking access

At a glance

Fair staff parking:

Parkable created an easy transition when CHFA allowed staff to park onsite through intuitive spot booking and sharing features.

Tracking and reporting:

CHFA now oversees how their parking spots are used, allowing them to make informed decisions about their assets.

Fantastic onboarding:

Parkable’s world-class training, support, and change management process made the transition easy for CHFA.

Client overview

About CHFA

The mission of Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) is to strengthen Colorado by investing in affordable housing and community development. CHFA was created in 1973 by the Colorado General Assembly to address the shortage of affordable housing in the state, and in 1982 began making loans to businesses.​​​​

“We wanted to change the way we organized staff parking to make it more equitable for the whole team, and needed a technology solution to make that transition easy. I’m very pleased that we found Parkable.”

- Brian Miller, CHFA Asset Management Director

The motivation

Flexible working requires fair and flexible parking

After over a year of working from home, CHFA staff began to return to their office in downtown Denver. One change CHFA wanted to make before staff returned was to restructure their employee parking, making it more equitable for all members of the team.

Prior to COVID-19, staff parking was allocated based on seniority. Because some staff traveled as part of their role and often worked remotely, it was common to see parking spaces unused. This trend increased as more staff worked remotely post Covid. With 115 parking spaces and 200 employees, those driving into the office were missing out on onsite parking even though spots were available.

CHFA chose to remove parking allocations and make the majority of their parking bays available to any employees coming into the office on a day-to-day basis. To manage this transition, CHFA implemented Parkable.

The solution

Using tech to transition to flexible, fair parking

The Parkable app allows employees to reserve parking one day in advance, and check parking availability in real time. With Parkable, all staff can access parking at work for the first time.

Parkable’s admin panel also gives CHFA the visibility to track who is using which parking spaces. Already, they have learned that their outside lot of over 30 parking spots isn’t being used by staff, allowing them to sublet to a contractor to generate revenue from public parking.

“With Parkable, parking has been made easy for our staff, and spaces are being used efficiently. The app is easy and intuitive to use, the admin panel gives us really useful information about the parking lots, and the Parkable team has been fantastic throughout this process.”

- Brian Miller

The results

Easy parking for staff, increased utilization, and fantastic onboarding

By allowing all staff to park onsite, CHFA’s parking garages are now 45 percent occupied by staff driving into the office, up from when all parking spots were allocated to individual employees who largely worked from home. This has also had a positive impact on CHFA staff, who can now secure a parking spot before they drive into work.

Plus, through Parkable’s occupancy tracking data, CHFA learned that one of their outdoor parking lots was not being used by staff, and was able to lease it to generate revenue.

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