On Feb 09 2023 / by Cassie Daley

Quest Apartment Hotels launches Parkable to automate parking systems

Working all over Australasia, Quest Apartment Hotels is a leading regional apartment hotel brand. In fact, Quest is part of the largest serviced apartment network in the world, The Ascott Limited. They’ve been around for over 30 years and have gathered over 170 locations to fulfil the needs of the modern business traveller. With such a wide-reaching portfolio, we are so excited and eager to announce that Quest will be partnering with us here at Parkable to manage their Melbourne-based corporate office staff parking systems.

Before we came into the picture, Quest’s team was trying to manage their parking situation alone. They have 18 parking bays, which are split up amongst team groups. Staff members have been attempting to share spaces themselves, but the entire process was admin-heavy and cumbersome. And, the admin had fallen on team leads.

This entire process became overcomplicated pretty quickly. So, Quest has been looking for a new system to streamline better utilisation of their space, automating the process and allowing more staff to park on-site. They’ve been hoping to save admin time while ensuring their employees have better, easier access to their parking spaces broken up by department.

Parkable was on the case!

For Quest, our main focuses have been to: reduce parking admin, better parking utilisation through bay sharing, and implement a fair booking system. Through all of this, we also had to keep in mind that Quest wanted to divide their parking bays based on staff teams. So, we set up admin groups in the Parkable dashboard to allocate specific parking areas to specific departments for booking, making sure to distribute the spaces across each department fairly. Quest can create separate private groups for each department. Bays can be shared among people within each department.

Getting set up with Parkable, the Quest corporate office team's admin load has decreased and they can now direct more time into expanding the brand's portfolio and presence as a leading international serviced apartment provider.

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