On Feb 02 2023 / by Cassie Daley

REA implements Parkable for their 1,100+ staff members

REA, one of Australia’s most prominent online real estate and property advertising platforms has recently partnered with parking app Parkable, to make parking at work a better experience for their teams.

What was their motivation to explore improving parking for their employees? Well, quite a few, actually!

Like many organizations since the onset of the pandemic around three years ago, REA has put in place a hybrid way of working. This resulted in REA seeing many parking spots sitting vacant when people were working from home. REA really wanted to make the most out of unutilised car space, to give those without a designated car park a seamless and casual way of booking vacant spots.

Ensuring their employees' parking experience was safe and efficient, the team also implemented Parkable’s seamless gate access feature. This way, through Automatic license plate software (ANPR), the gates immediately open for registered drivers with a successful booking, removing the need for locating and swiping access cards. Staff members pay a subsidised amount to park casually at work via the app. The additional revenue generated is passed onto their charity partners including Orange Sky Australia, Launch Housing, and the Big Issue - how cool is that?

Parkable is taking care of administrative hassle and reporting too. For REA, they want to be able to know more about their parking users – who’s booked, who’s shared their spot, who can share their spot on any given day. Luckily, our dashboard provides all this information and so much more so that organisations like REA have the data and insights they need to make informed decisions that benefit their people and their business.

REA’s Senior Workplace Experience Manager, Laura Naim, says that we are always looking at ways to improve the employee experience, both in the office and at home. 'Our employees commute to the office is a considered component of our hybrid way of working at REA. With Parkable being so adaptable, it can accommodate our employee and business needs.'

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