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The problem with tandem parking (and how to solve it)

Table of contents

  1. What is tandem parking?
  2. Common parker problems
  3. Common management problems
  4. Manage tandem parking stalls manually
  5. Solve tandem parking problems automatically
  6. Tandem parking like a pro

Tandem parking is a common parking policy we see regularly. Unfortunately, it often comes with struggles that make this parking set up seem more of a hassle than it's worth.

Luckily, for every parking problem, there’s a solution.

What is tandem parking?

Tandem parking is a parking spot with one or more vehicles parked in a single space. You can share these slots between anywhere from 2 to 4 vehicles. Although the more vehicles you add, the more frustrating the experience can become for parkers, and the more problems created for management.

The configuration of these parking spots is one in front of the other. Imagine the yellow lines of a parking stall stacked in a long row so that cars are parked in a line as they would be at the drive-thru. So the first car to park in the parking stall has at least one, if not more, vehicles parked behind it. If that first person then wants to leave later, they either have to wait until the other people move or ask them to move their vehicles.

Tandem parking is often seen as a great way to solve parking lot space restraints and share space, but it comes with some headaches that should be addressed by management.

Common parkers problems

You’re trapped by other cars

The biggest problem with tandem parking lies in being dependent on other cars. Your car is blocked in by the other vehicles in your tandem parking stall, and there’s no escape until those vehicles move. This can mean waiting for someone to leave. However, you might have no idea whose vehicle that is, the person's name, or how to contact them. It's a very inflexible option that can easily spiral out of control without the proper communication and technology.

Not flexible for hybrid working

The premise of hybrid working is being able to enter in and out of the office when necessary. However, tandem parking makes the flexibility of hybrid working a problem because you can't move your vehicle with other people blocking it. This essentially ruins all the best parts of hybrid working.

Common management problems

Headaches for admin

Invariably, when there’s a problem with anything, including tandem parking, admin is where people go to seek answers and vent their spleen. The problem is that the admin has enough to do and focus on without adding parking problems and coordinating parking to their plate. They don’t have any better idea than others where a vehicle’s owner is or what the solution is, but they are still the person people seek out to fix it. Unfortunately, no easy solutions make the admin’s job harder.

No infringement management

Unless parking managers have an office in the parking lot and spend their time patrolling (and who has the time for that?), there's very low or no visibility on tandem parking stalls. As a result, it's nearly impossible to manage infringements because of the lack of control.

Manage tandem parking stalls manually

1. Set up communication channels

The most important part of parking stalls is communication. So ensuring everyone is on a similar communication method, such as Slack or Teams, will facilitate communication.

2. Create groups

You can create groups wherein parkers with similar schedules are in the same groups so they can coordinate among themselves easier.

3. Implement rules

All good systems have rules. Creating guidelines for how to approach tandem parking, and ensuring all parkers sign off on these, can make the transition easier and help make sure everyone is happy.

Solve parking problems automatically

Using parking management software, you can adopt a digital solution to solve common tandem parking problems without the headaches of setting up new communication channels, ensuring a seamless and comfortable tandem parking experience.

Set time expectations

Through the Parkable app, each person using a tandem parking spot has to set an expected leaving time before they begin parking. This immediately solves the problem of not knowing when those they share a place with will be going.

Automatic connection and communication with others in the parking spot

Once a person has begun parking in a tandem parking spot, they’re automatically connected to the other people in that parking spot. This way, they can effectively communicate their needs in real-time, receiving notifications when there’s an update.

Maintained privacy and security

Even with all this progress in communication, people’s personal information and identities stay private, so they keep their anonymity, only sharing phone numbers or email if they want to.

Tandem parking like a pro

This kind of parking may seem like it comes with ingrained headaches, but multiple ways exist to solve those problems. By using parking management software to increase communication between tandem parkers, you can ensure a great experience.

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