On Mar 30 2022 / by Wyoming Paul

The 4:1 ratio: How park sharing at work benefits everyone

A parking management system that offers shared parking at work is an excellent way to optimise existing parking spots. Not only does it resolve workplace parking issues, but it also improves motivation and employee satisfaction.

Crucially, sharing allocated parks through the Parkable app means that four times as many colleagues can access a parking space!

Here's how sharing parking spaces at work benefits everyone.

Car park sharing creates a fairer workplace

If your office has its car parks allocated to specific employees, park sharing between staff is a simple and effective way of dispersing staff perks and creating a fairer workplace.

In fact, we did some data analysis and found that through Parkable’s park sharing, allocated parking spots went from being used by just one employee at any time to being used by between two and four different members of staff every month.

  • Parkable enterprise clients Datacom and Aurecon enable staff to share their allocated parks when they don't need them. For both companies, that results in four different employees use each allocated spot every month
  • Similarly, European Motor Distributors has three different members of staff using each allocated car park per month

That means that a company with 100 parking spots can go from allowing just 100 staff to park onsite to allowing between 200 and 400 staff to use the car park! By sharing a major perk far more widely, companies are telling their staff a clear message: we want everyone to benefit.

It boosts employee satisfaction

There’s no denying that finding a parking space can be stressful. It can be frustrating for staff when no parking spot is in sight, and they must drive along the same street twice or thrice before finding a spot. This costs them time, fuel, and money.

However, work parking doesn’t have to be such an ordeal. Through the Parkable app, you can easily identify where the available parking spaces are, and shared parking can be made possible. If a parking place is unoccupied on a specific day because the parking spot owner is at home, another employee may use that spot in their absence.

Shared parking improves employee productivity and satisfaction because fewer workers are late due to parking struggles, and the pressure to find a parking spot near the office is gone.

How employees benefit from Parkable

We also surveyed our clients’ staff and found that:

  1. Park sharing between staff can make 75% of bad commutes enjoyable.
  2. Two-thirds of employees think that because of Parkable, parking at work is fairer than it was before.
  3. 89% of people without an allocated parking spot say they’ve had more opportunity to park onsite at the office since the launch of Parkable.
  4. 1 in 3 employees say that park sharing improved their perception of their work culture.

Enable park sharing and and make office parking work for everyone

Whether you’re the Head of Property or a HR Manager, you can improve your employees’ commutes, enhance workplace culture, and cultivate fairness with Parkable’s parking management software.

If you want to learn more, you can read more about park sharing or book a chat with one of our workplace parking experts today.

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