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The different types of parking software

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  3. Parking management software
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Figuring out the most efficient way to organize parking at work might feel overwhelming because there are many different parking management systems. The most basic kinds of parking software include public parking apps, automatic parking systems, and parking management software, which aren't as complicated as you might think.

We’ve organized a quick explanation of the employee parking software you can use, so you can choose the parking management software that will solve your workplace parking challenges.

Public parking apps

What is public parking software used for?

Public parking software or applications are mobile apps that are available to the public at large. They provide visibility into all of the available parking spots around a particular area. These are great for parkers because it gives them a coordinated place to see all their options.

In addition, this technology is fantastic for busier areas in cities. As it shows all the available parking, including costs and location. So parkers can make real-time decisions direct from their smartphone.

Benefits of public parking apps

Convenience for parkers

Having one location right on their smartphones that allows parkers to see all their options and choose the one that's most convenient for them takes the stress and indecision out of parking. All the information is readily available and easy to access and use.

Cost efficiency for parkers

Part of the wealth of information this kind of parking management software gives parkers is the prices of each available parking option. This lets them pick the best one for their needs and budgets.

Easy payment for parkers

An app-based payment option is extremely easy for parkers who want the convenience of entering their payment information once and never worrying about it again. They don't need to walk over to a parking meter to pay physically or enter their credit card information in every time they pay for parking.

Instead, keying the information in and saving once allows them to pay conveniently in the future. This is especially helpful because it makes payment simpler for employees who use those spaces regularly.

Advertising and increased revenue options for parking providers

This style of parking software is a great opportunity for parking providers to reach out to potential customers to display what they have available. Whether it's pricing, sales, and the general availability of parking stalls. It lets providers reach a wider audience, including parkers who might not have known that there was space there otherwise.

Automatic parking systems

What is automatic parking software used for?

Companies use high-tech technology to park cars as efficiently as possible. This can be through robotic valet systems, which use a mechanical lift to move the vehicle for parkers after leaving it in a convenient location. Or through the more common parking lifts used widely in high-density areas.

This is an excellent option to maximize space used by parking cars more compactly, increasing revenue. This option works best in car parks where cars will be left sitting for longer. Such as in airports or other long-term parking facilities.

Benefits of automatic parking software

Commercial parking can be managed at scale

Using this kind of software saves a massive load of work from people's shoulders, setting it instead on software and robotics that can get the job done faster and more efficiently, with no breaks. This allows for a higher amount of work to be done in the same amount of time. This software is perfect for large-scale operations moving dozens or hundreds of vehicles in a day.

Maximize the use of space through car stacking

Space is often at a premium, and it is crucial to use every inch of it as efficiently as possible. Stacking cars is a common way of doing this, by loading cars onto lifts or steel grids that place the car above another car. Now, instead of a parking stall only having space for one vehicle, you’ve fit two into it.

Parking management software

What is it?

Parking management software makes it easy and intuitive to administer and optimize car parks, from staff and tenant parking lots through to visitor parking spaces. An effective solution to streamlining workplace parking and reducing problems, creating more parking availability, facilitating sharing, and using space more efficiently.

The Benefits

Solve parking problems

Parking problems are a constant nuisance, from people complaining about parking to loss of productivity and morale because of it. Parking management software helps use available parking spaces better, optimizing the space through sharing and understanding what spots don’t get used, and offering flexible options for payment.

Improve employee experience

Parking is a top complaint of employees. Using technology to make parking less stressful, easier, and simple will make the commute much better and make employees happier.

Channel to generate revenue

Parking software is an excellent tool to generate revenue. This is because it simplifies parking while reducing empty parking spaces and manual administration. Paying for parking using software is flexible and automatic, and the platform requires less human involvement from the admin side, cutting costs.

Automate admin

Remove the work from someone’s plate by implementing parking software to automate parking management and administration. Software that is intuitive enough to automate parking stall allocation, manage infringements and resolve issues automatically.

Increase utilization of space and assets

Parking software makes stall sharing easier than ever and allows employees to book spaces ahead of time. This means minimizing the parking spaces you need to rent or build, saving space and money without sacrificing on employee experience.

Improve sustainability outcomes

Parking management software is in line with most companies' sustainability initiatives because it optimizes land usage, facilitates EV charging and encourages alternative forms of transport.

Ready to improve your workplace parking?

Parking software is a great solution to optimize parking space, improve sustainability outcomes, reduce costs, and increase revenue.

Talk to us about how we can assist you in optimizing your office parking with parking management software.

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